Daily Prayer No. 73


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We thank You, Lord our God and universal Ruler, for that You have created light and darkness, and caused them to alternate to the well-being of all Your creatures. For it is Your power gives light to the earth and to them that dwell thereon, renewing day by day the wonders of creation. How manifold are Your works, O God! and You have formed them all in consummate wisdom, the earth is full of Your bounties. The origin of all things proclaims Your greatness, so that from aforetime You are praised and glorified by Your works. Lord of the Universe, let Your love always rule upon us. that we may never cease to tender our dutiful gratitude to You as the Lord of our strength, the rock of our refuge, our shield and our salvation.

Accept our humble thanks, Almighty Ruler, for the Majesty of Your handiwork and for the beautiful luminaries of the skies You have formed.

In Your all-encompassing love, O God, You have revealed Yourself to us, Your people; Your majesty and Your glory to us are clear. To our ancestors You gave precepts of life, You also  extend Your mercy by making us receptive to them. All-merciful Father, inspire our hearts with affection and earnest zeal for knowledge and perception, that we may lovingly cleave to the teachings of Your law, understand them and esteem them, learn and teach them, observe and do them in affectionate devotion. Enlighten our eyes in Your law, confirm our hearts in Your precepts and let us unite, in the love of You and reverence for Your name, with all our fellowmen. In Your great and holy name we trust that You will give us with Your salvation and we will rejoice. For You are the source of all enlightenment, and You have chosen us of all races and nations to come nearest to You in the knowledge of Your being, and to proclaim You, One forever and indivisibly One. Be praised then, O God, our Lord and universal Ruler, for You have chosen us in love, to preach You and to praise You. Amen.

Book: Jewish Home Prayer Book (1887)

In God’s Image


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And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.. And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

Gen. 1: 26,27.

What a stupendous fact! Man created in the image of God! How few seem to grasp its significance! What light it throws on the great problems of human life! What a wide chasm it makes between man and all lower orders of created being! Here is a base fact without which there can be no true theology or anthropology. Surely here is sacred ground. Let us remove the sandals from our feet while we meditate reverently on the meaning of this marvelous truth. With bowed heads let us invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit while we seek to understand the lesson contained in these wonderful words.

“Let us make man in our image, after Our likeness.” This is the divine counsel and purpose which lies back of the great mystery of human life and. all its pages of tragic history. It is a purpose formed deliberately and in full view of all its mighty consequences—sin, suffering, sorrow, conflict, death, the incarnation, Gethsemane, Calvary, the open Sepulcher, redemption! God is love.” Out of all this struggle, discord and misery, then, there are to flow results which will more than vindicate the wisdom and goodness of God. Let this sweet reflection comfort our hearts until life’s conflicts shall issue in eternal peace.

And God created man in His own image.” Is it possible for the human mind to reach the pinnacle of thought which these words suggest? Not now; but let us pause reverently before them and seek a nearer approach to their full meaning. It cannot be that in His bodily or fleshly nature man is created in God’s image, for God is spirit. The human body is not man, nor any essential part of man. The man exists when His body returns to dust whence it came. It is the condition of man’s earthly existence. It is the house of clay in which the real man dwells for the time. “What, then, is the real man which no mortal eye has ever seen? Is it not the conscious, intelligent ego, that which thinks, chooses, apprehends moral motives, discerns between right and wrong and determines what motives shall influence its action? If so, then man is created in God’s image, (1) intellectually, (2) morally, (3) volitionally. The proof of this is supplied in every man’s own consciousness, in connection with God’s written revelation of His will and character.

That man is created in God’s image in His mental constitution is evidenced by the fact that He can “think God’s thoughts after Him,” as Kepler has so finely said. God’s thoughts are manifest in all the arrangements of the material universe. Everywhere there is plan, method, adaptation, design—the manifestations of the divine mind. Man can see, appreciate and make practical use of these thoughts of God. If His mind were not in the image of God, this would not be possible. God reasons with men and communicates His will to them on the basis of this likeness. Of what use could the ten commandments be to a tribe of chattering apes, or a village of prairie dogs? God can not convey such truths to these lower orders of creation, because there is nothing in their nature to apprehend such thoughts. A man can convey thoughts to the mind of His prattling child that can by no means be conveyed to the most sagacious of beasts, because the child is in His own mental image and the beast is not. There are, of course, thoughts which we cannot communicate to the undeveloped, mind of our children, just as there are truths which God cannot reveal to the greatest intellects on earth, because they are not yet able to receive them. Likeness does not imply equality, but it does open up possibilities of limitless progress.

The proof that man’s moral nature is after the pattern of God’s, may be found in the fact that man approves the moral law of God., however much He may violate it. Nor does He wait until some future judgment for an accuser. His own conscience—God’s vice regent in the human breast, as someone has called it— the reflection of God’s moral nature within man—is His accuser. With the majesty and authority of a supreme judge, it passes sentence on us when we violate that law and approves us when we yield obedience to it. When God says, “ You shall not steal,” “You shall not bear false witness,” 44 You shall not murder,” etc., man’s moral nature approves these expressions of the eternal law of right. If man’s moral nature were unlike that of God, this would not be the case. In that event a man might violate the moral law of God while acting in perfect harmony with the moral law of His own nature. This would destroy all idea of personal accountability, and render a judgment day impossible. The basis of man’s accountability to God is the likeness of His moral nature to that of God. But if man be created in the moral image of God, marred though that image be by sin, what glorious possibilities of righteousness and holiness are open before Him, and what fearful responsibility rests on Him who debauches that nature!

That man is endowed with will, and has the power of choosing, is at once His crown of glory and His chief danger. God wills and it is done. His will is the law of the universe. When He made man in His own image, He clothed Him with the sublime and fearful prerogative of determining His own destiny—of choosing between motives. Confused with the subtle discussions of the schoolmen about “free will and necessity,” we turn to our own consciousness as a witness, and it testifies that every day and every hour, of our conscious existence, we are choosing between motives and deciding between this and that course of action. And when under the blinding influence of passion, appetite or ambition, we yield to the lower instead of the higher motive, no plausible fallacy about the necessity that controlled our action suffices to protect us against the accusations of our conscience. We feel and recognize our guilt. We had the power to choose otherwise and we know it, else there would be no consciousness of guilt. All this is assumed, too, in the provisions which God has made for man’s salvation. As sin is a matter of choice, so is salvation. God saves no man against His will. “ Choose ye this day whom ye will serve,” is His command in all times and to all peoples. Christ does not cross the threshold of man’s volition uninvited. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to Him, and will sup with Him and He with me.” Rev. 3:21

Here, then, is the solution of the dark problem of the origin of sin, so far as it is given us to know it. It is the abuse of freedom —of the power of choice. Here, too, is the great underlying reason of the incarnation and of the cross. The world must have a more perfect representation of God than the sinning race exhibited. Christ came as “the effulgence of His glory and the very image of His substance.” Heb 1:3  Man, a moral being, and a free, self-determining agent, must be won to God by moral motives. The stubborn will must be conquered by supreme love. Hence Gethsemane and Calvary. Why did God not save man by His naked omnipotence, without the awful tragedy of the cross? Because God created man in His own image, and such a being must be wooed and won by love, not driven by force.

In the light of these truths I can answer the question asked by David, who, on surveying the magnitude of the material universe, was led to inquire,

“ What is man that You are mindful of Him, And the Son of man that You visit Him?” Ps 8:4

What is He? He is God’s child—in His own image. That is why He is mindful of Him, and why He has visited Him in the person of Jesus Christ. My own parental heart teaches me why God would spare no effort to save His lost and erring children. O how this magnifies the cross and honors man!

O my soul, consider well Your high origin, the image which You wear, and weigh the responsibilities which come with such high endowments! Here, in the hush of this solemn stillness, alone with God, let me hear Your loving voice, dear Savior, and open the door of my heart and let You in, that I may sup with You and You with me!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891


Almighty God, our most gracious heavenly Father, when I consider with what powers and capacities You endowed Your creature, man, and for what high and holy service You have qualified Him, I am filled with shame and confusion at the remembrance of all my sins and short-comings. I confess before You, my transgressions, and all my faults and frailties, and beseech You, in the name of Your well- beloved Son, to grant me Your pardoning mercy and sustaining grace. I thank You for all my bodily and mental faculties, and especially for that moral nature which most allies me to You, and which I have so much abused. I bless Your holy name that You pity us, in our fallen condition, and send us Your only begotten Son, full of grace and truth, through whom we regain fellowship with You.  Lord have our sinful nature renewed, and enter into Your most blessed service.  O God, be pleased to so quicken me by Your Spirit, and uphold me, by Your right hand, that I may fill the purpose for which You have created me. Help me to use diligently all the means of grace which You have provided, and so grow continually both in grace and in the knowledge of the truth. Enable me to see the folly and the emptiness of all earthly allurements which would draw me away from You. Help me to understand more fully that, created as I am in Your image, You alone can satisfy the needs of my soul. May this thought of the dignity and worth of a human soul not only lead me to more earnest efforts for my own salvation, but may it give me far greater concern for the salvation of others. O You blessed Savior, who stooped from heaven to earth, and drank the bitter cup of death, for sinful and lost humanity, infuse me with more of Your spirit, that I may be willing to enter into the fellowship of Your sufferings and do all in my power for the salvation of my fellow-men! And finally, O Father, when we have finished the work You have given us to do, and it seems good to You to call us home, give us, we beseech You, an abundant entrance into Your everlasting kingdom through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891

Daily Prayer No. 72


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O God who hears prayer, bend low Your ear to hear the faintest whisper of one of the weakest of Your children. I come to You, O loving Father, because You have bid me come, and because I feel my need of You. You, O God, You alone can supply my needs. I am unworthy of the least of Your mercies, but I come in the name of Jesus, and beseech You, for His dear sake, to hear and answer my prayer, and to accept my thanksgiving and praise, which I offer in His name.

I thank You, most gracious Father, that You have called me into fellowship with You and with Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. I thank You for a place in Your family, and the privilege of calling You Father, and feeling that You care for me, even me.

Now, I ask You, to grant that I may hunger and thirst after righteousness; that I may seek daily to feed on the divine manna which came down from heaven. O that my soul may be watered with the dew’s of Your salvation! As You nourish all the living things of nature and cause them to grow, so, O Lord, will You nourish this soul of mine which You have created.  Lord stir up within me new thoughts of duty and new desires of holiness. Cause me to delight in Your word, in Your house, in the communion of saints, in the fellowship of Christian work, and in prayer. May I learn to love and to look forward to these precious moments of communion with You, where I can find the grace and strength for my daily need.

In the plenitude of Your mercy, O Father, forgive my past sins and strengthen me with might by Your Spirit in the inner man, that I may overcome all my evil inclinations and triumph over every evil habit. So feeding on Your word, meditating on Your goodness, and communing with You, may I grow up into the image of Him who is our living head, even Jesus Christ. And this I ask for His name’s sake. Amen!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891

Daily Prayer No. 71



O LORD, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare Your praise.
Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come to You.
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost
O God, make speed to save us: O Lord, make haste to help us

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

O God, whose mercies fail not, but are new every morning, pardon the sins that I have committed against You, in thought, word, and deed; make me to be sorry for them with the godly sorrow that works repentance unto salvation; put far from me all evil ways and works; save me from the enemy of my soul; and grant me Your peace all the days of my life; through our only Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

O Lord, I give thanks to You, for You have kept me in the past night from all evils, bodily and spiritual; and I beseech You for Your mercies’ sake, to raise me up at the Last Day to life everlasting. Give me grace, now in the time of this mortal life, to cast off the works of darkness, and to walk as a child of the light; and do You preserve me this day from all sin, from all perils and dangers, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

I commend to You, 0 Lord, my soul and my body, my thoughts, words, and works, my life and my death: the Church and my pastor, my parents and relations, [here name them, and any for whom you wish to pray,’] and all the world.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. Amen
If you have time, read some verses of the Bible, or a Psalm from the Psalter, or a Hymn. But never omit to pray

Daily Prayer No. 70


CHRIST JESUS, my Refuge, my Lord, I believe and hope in You, and with my whole heart I love You. Whom have I in heaven but You? There is nothing on earth that I desire in comparison of You. What shall I desire? What shall I fear? I know not my going out, or my coming in; but You know.  Do with me what pleases You.  My times are in Your hands. In death, or in life, I will lift up mine eyes to You. To whom shall I look but unto You, O God? I will wait in silence for Your salvation ; and I beg this of You, that I may love You more and more.  O Blessed Jesus, Who is with the Father I trust in You! –– Rev. W. E. Heygate

Daily Prayer No. 69


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Behold, O my God, I am the man who went down to Jericho and fell among thieves; sorely have they wounded me and left me lying half-dead. Come, Lord, You faithful Helper, raise me up and heal me.

I have sinned heavily in my whole conduct, and done evil in Your sight; I have not exercised myself in the knowledge of You; I have been unthankful for Your many benefits, and have not praised Your name rightly. Often and in many ways have I abstained from uttering Your truths, and when You have stood and knocked at the door of my heart I have been slothful, and have not welcomed You as I ought. This body, which fades like a shadow, and shall be the food of worms, I have cherished too much; I have defiled my lips with unseemly words, and I have been negligent and careless about Your wholesome Word. I have not ever and always turned away my eyes from beholding vanity, nor kept my ears from listening to unprofitable things. Many a time my hands have not served my neighbor in his need, while my feet were swift to evil. Need I say more, my God? From the crown of my head to the sole of my feet there is no health in me.

Ah! my Lord Jesus, have You not died for me on the Cross, and redeemed me, my soul must have perished forever; but now I am a partaker, O merciful Lord, in Your great salvation. Do not reject me, my Savior, for I among those whom You have so dearly purchased with Your precious blood. Behold, I am a wandering sheep, seek me, You good Shepherd, and bear me home to Your fold, according to Your promise. You have promised, to be my Helper.  I believe in You, Sweet Jesus.  For it is written that whenever a poor sinner shall sigh unto You You will hearken unto him. Now see how humbly I mourn and acknowledge my sins, which are ever before me. In truth, I am not worthy to be called Your son, yet make me, my Savior, to hear joy and gladness, and not to turn Your face from me.

O You Son of the Living God, Only Begotten of Your Father before all worlds! Blessed are those who love You and desire naught else; blessed are those who daily remember You and keep Your ways unto their life’s end. O Holy Bread of Heaven, how rich and bounteous are You; how overflowing are Your gifts! For You exclude no man unless it be that he despises You and refuses to come to You. Is anyone young and small, let him come boldly to You and eat, and he will grow and increase; he will put away his childish mind, and walk in the paths of true wisdom. Is any yet weak, let him hasten to You and eat and he shall soon wax strong. Is any sick, he shall be relieved. Is any dead in sins, let him but hearken to You and he shall attain everlasting life. And though one be strong and full grown, yet will he perceive that he is still in need of many things, and in You will he find abundantly that whereby he may daily increase in them. None can live a moment without You, for it is You alone who give life to all creatures.

O God, the joy and consolation of my heart, my soul is glad in You, and my spirit has a desire for You; for all who turn away from You must pine forever. O You true and invisible Light which never can be quenched, behold me sitting like a poor blind man beside the way, and crying unto You, “ Jesus, You Son of David, have mercy upon me, open the eyes of my soul, that I may see You! Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner. You are my Help and my Confidence, oh lead me unto eternal salvation! Lord, You are my physician, heal me! I am naked, and suffer cold, O You rich Lord, cover me with the mantle of Your righteousness. My soul hungers in this desert. O Lord, the true Food, quicken my heart. My soul is thirsty. Lord, You are the true healing Spring, water and refresh my spirit with Your wholesome comfort. I have come into the deep mire, and my strength fails me; I am far out on the seas, and the floods threaten to swallow me up. I have cried till I am weary and hoarse, and the waters of death are coming into my very soul. Save me, O Lord, my Shield, my Deliverer, my Comfort, my Refuge, my Strength, my King and my God, for Your mercies’ sake. Amen

St. Jerome 329-420 – A Father of the Latin Church, born in Dalmatia, died at Bethlehem. His Latin version of the Old Testament, from the original language, was the foundation of the Vulgate


Daily Prayer No. 68


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COME sound His praise abroad,
And hymns of glory sing:
Jehovah is the sovereign God,
The universal King.
He formed the deeps unknown;
He gave the seas their bound;
The watery worlds are all His own,
And all the solid ground.
Come, worship at His throne,
Come, bow before the Lord;
We are His works, and not our own,
He formed us by His word.
Today attend His voice,
Nor dare provoke His rod;
Come, like the people of His choice,
And own your gracious God.

O Lord our God, You are very great, You are clothed with honor and majesty. How manifold are Your works, in wisdom and goodness have You made them all. The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; as for the world and the fullness thereof You have founded them. In Your hands is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. You open Your hand, they are filled with good. You hide Your face, they are troubled: You take away their breath, they die and return to their dust.

Our Father and God, we thank You for our creation and preservation: it is in You we live, and move, and have our being. We thank You that You have not made us as the beasts that perish, but that there is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding. We bless You that You have made us in Your own image, with faculties capable, in some degree, of appreciating Your power, and loving Your excellence.

Inspire our hearts with gratitude for the opportunities which we enjoy of acquiring an education; and grant that while we are gaining that knowledge which will fit us for usefulness in the world, we may obtain that higher and better knowledge which makes us wise to salvation, and shall fit us for eternity. Bless the young in their studies: may the truths of science and literature elevate their minds to the great source of all power and goodness —from the contemplation of the created may they rise to the Creator, and come to know You the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

Your goodness preserved us during the past night, watch over us this day, and by Your power defend us. In firm reliance on Your providence may we ever be able to exclaim, Alleluia, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigns. And, at last, may we be saved with the power of an endless life. Amen! – Manual of Devotions by N. C. Brooks

Christ Has No Body but Yours


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Christ Has No Body

Christ has no body but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
Compassion on this world,
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good,
Yours are the hands, with which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet,
Yours are the eyes, you are his body.
Christ has no body now but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
compassion on this world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.

Born in Spain, Teresa entered a Carmelite convent when she was eighteen, and later earned a reputation as a mystic, reformer, and writer who experienced divine visions. She founded a convent, and wrote the book The Way of Perfection for her nuns. Other important books by her include her Autobiography and The Interior Castle.

Day of Humility and Forgiveness Prayers



“To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against Him neither have we obeyed the Voice of the Lord Our God, to walk in his laws which he set before us.” “In my trouble I will call upon the Lord, and complain unto my God. So shall he hear my voice out of his holy temple; my complaint shall come before him.

Hear our prayers, O God; and do not hide Yourself from our petitions.
Take heed unto us and hear us: how we mourn in our prayer and are vexed.
Unto You will I cry, O Lord, my strength: think no scorn of me; lest, if You make as though You hears not, I become like them that go down into the pit.
Turn O Lord, and deliver my soul: O save me for Your mercies sake.
Nevertheless tho’ I am sometime afraid; yet I put my trust in God.
He verily is our strength and our salvation:
He is our defense, so that we shall not greatly fall.
O put your trust in Him always, ye people: pour out your hearts before Him, for God is our hope.
As for the children of men they are but vanity: the children of men are deceitful upon the weights; they are altogether lighter than vanity itself.
O trust not in wrong and robbery: give not yourselves unto vanity: if riches increase set not your heart upon them.
O God, we ask You to be our help in trouble; for vain is the help of man.
You alone deliver our souls from death, and our feet from falling: that we may walk before You in the light of the living.
Go not far from me, O God: my God, hasten to help me.
Glory be to the Father, &c.

Proper Psalms, 25, 38, 57.
Proper Lessons, 1st, Isaiah 37 – 2d, Luke 21

LORD, most good and powerful, we, Your sinful people here assembled before You, acknowledge it to be of Your unspeakable mercy, that for our manifold and heinous provocations, we are not utterly consumed, and given over for a prey to the fury of our enemies, or other scourge of Your avenging hand. We confess, with sorrow and confusion, our long unfruitfulness, under the means of grace, the light of the Gospel, and the many wonderful deliverance’s, which You, in Your great goodness, hast vouchsafed unto us. O Lord, should You enter into judgment with us for our sins, for our profaneness and infidelity, our heresies and schisms, our exclusive pursuit of the business, or inordinate love, of the pleasures of the world, our forgetfulness alike of Your past judgments and mercies, and our other numberless offences, You might justly inflict upon us the severity of Your wrath, and visit us with renewed and heavier calamities. But there is mercy with You ; and therefore shalt You be feared : You art the Lord God, tender and full of compassion, not willing that any should perish, but that all should repent and live. Look down, therefore, we beseech You, with an eye of pity and loving kindness upon Your servants, who, with contrite hearts, here bewail their transgressions and their wickedness. Let us, in this time of trouble, still enjoy the light of Your countenance, and the blessings of Your bountiful hand; and so work upon our hearts and minds, by the influence of Your Holy Spirit, that being turned from the error of our-ways, and created to newness of life, we may walk before You, in righteousness and holiness, in this world, and inherit Your everlasting Kingdom, in that which is to come, through the merits of Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen,

TURN us, O good Lord, and so shall we be turned. Be favorable, O Lord, be favorable to Your people, who turn to You in weeping, fasting and praying. For You are a merciful God, full of compassion, long-suffering, and of great pity. You spare us when we deserve punishment, and in Your wrath You think upon mercy. Spare Your people good Lord, spare them, and let not Your heritage be brought to confusion. Hear us, O Lord, for Your mercy is great, and after the multitude of Your mercies look upon us; through the merits and mediation of Your blessed Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O ALMIGHTY God, who rules over all the nations of the earth, and on whose glorious providence they depend evermore for preservation and prosperity: Extend, we beseech You, Your accustomed goodness to the people of these Provinces; who, looking up to You, as the author of all blessings, and their sure safe-guard and Almighty Deliverer in all dangers and difficulties, do now implore Your watchful care and protection. O Lord, You have before wonderfully delivered us: if You had not been on our side when men rose up  against us, they would have swallowed us up ; Continue Your mercy and do not cast out the prayer of Your people who call upon You. Defeat the counsel of the wicked; Open the eyes of the deluded; Strengthen the hands of our defenders; Grant to our rulers a spirit of wisdom and firmness, and give to them and to all of us a spirit of faith and prayer. Stretch forth the right hand of Your majesty to save and defend us from the evils with which we are threatened: But if, in Your wisdom, You have ordained that they should visit us, give us grace that we may humbly and patiently submit to Your correction, and, after having been exercised thereby, may bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness, to the praise and glory of Your name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle, Isaiah 58, verse 1
CRY aloud, spare not; lift up Your voice like a trumpet ; and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins Yet they seek me daily, .and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God. Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and You see not? wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and You take no knowledge? Behold, in the day of your fast you find pleasure, and exact all your labors. Behold ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness j ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high. Is it such a fast that I have chosen ? a day for a man to afflict his soul? is it to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? wilt You call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the Lord? Is not this the fast that 1 have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal Your bread to the hungry, and that You bring the poor that are cast out to Your house? when You see the naked, that You cover him, and that You hide not thyself from Your own flesh? Then shall Your light break forth as the morning, and Your health shall spring forth speedily ; and Your righteousness shall go before You: the glory of the Lord shall be Your reward. Then shalt You call, and the Lord will answer; You shalt cry, And he shall say, Here I am.

The Gospel, Matt. chap. 3.
IN those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judea. And saying Repent ye : for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esias, saying, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair, and a leather girdle about his loins: and his meat was locusts and wild honey. Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judea, and all the region round about Jordan. And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins. But when he saw many of the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s come to his baptism, he said unto them “O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee. from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance. And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to, our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to “raise up children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast, into the fire.”

From the Church of England On Friday, the 7th day of December, 1838

Daily Prayer No. 67


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Blessed are you, Sovereign God,
our light and our salvation,
to you be glory and praise for ever.
Now, as darkness is falling,
wash away our transgressions,
cleanse us by your refining fire
and make us temples of your Holy Spirit.
By the light of Christ,
dispel the darkness of our hearts
and make us ready to enter your kingdom,
where songs of praise for ever sound.
Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Book of Common Prayer

Daily Prayer No. 66


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O Lord Almighty, God of hosts and of all flesh, dwelling in the highest, caring for the humble, searching the reins and the heart, and clearly discerning the hidden things of men – O ever-existing Light, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.  O immortal King, accept our prayers which we offer to Thee at this present time from our soiled lips, trusting in the multitude of Thy bounties – forgive us our transgressions which we have committed knowingly or unknowingly, whether in word or deed or thought; cleanse us from all stain of body and soul. Grant us to pass through all the night of this present life with vigilant heart and sober thought, awaiting the coming of the radiant and manifest Day of Thy only-begotten Son, our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, on which the judgment of all men shall come with glory, when to each man shall be given the reward of his deeds. May we not fall and become lazy, but instead have courage that, being roused to action, we may be found ready to enter into the joy and the divine bride-chamber of His glory, where the voice of those who feast is unceasing, and the gladness of those who behold the goodness of Thy countenance is unending. For Thou art the True light Who enlightens and sanctifies us, and all creation sings Thy praise forever. Amen.- Orthodox Prayer to God the Father

Daily Prayer No. 65


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“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”–PHIL. 4:19

O GOD, my Heavenly Father, who has permitted me to see the light and to enjoy the comforts of a new day, I bless You for the liberty of access into Your presence. Bend Your heavens and come down; fill my heart with Your love, as I draw near to the footstool of Your Throne. I thank You for Your gracious assurance that these Gates of Prayer lead to an abounding treasury of spiritual blessing, out of which all my need shall be supplied.

In Jesus, my adorable Redeemer, infinite fullness dwells; and out of His fullness —the riches of Your glory in Him —You are willing to impart even grace for grace.  You have supplied all my need in the past. You have been a bountiful, and a wise Provider; presenting me with the blessings of Your goodness, and giving help from trouble, when vain was the help of man. I look to You for guidance and direction in the future. That future is veiled and hidden but it is in Your better keeping. I would say, in simple confiding faith, “Undertake for me.” Hitherto have You been true to Your unfailing promise “As Your day is, so shall Your strength be;” and over every coming need and exigency I may well write “Jehovah Jireh,” “The Lord will provide.”

Supply that need this day. If called to do battle with evil, let me go forth in Your might, prepared for the conflict. Strengthen me with Your Good Spirit: fortify me against every temptation. In the extremity of my own weakness, may I lean on Your Almighty arm.  You hold me up, and I shall be safe. Preserve me from the world’s insinuating, seductive power, and from the treachery and deceitfulness of my own evil heart. Order my steps in Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me.

In the discharge of duty, may it be my effort and endeavor to subordinate the secular to the sacred. Keep me ever roused from the low dream of earth, to see, as in the patriarch’s dream, the ladder of God. May Your providence’s be as angels traveling up and down that ladder, and beckoning me nearer to You.” Keep me from whatever would be detrimental to my spiritual interests: from all avarice and selfishness; from all malice and uncharitableness; from all indolence and sloth; from putting off till tomorrow what can be best done, and may only be done, today. If You have given me of this world’s goods, may I seek to be a generous almoner of Your bounties. If silver and gold I have none, may I give You the consecration of the heart, and the answer of the life; knowing that You accept according to that a man has, not according to what he has not. Forbid that my talent, be what it may, should be hid in the earth. May I ever listen to the prompting “How much You owe Your Lord?” and with a quickened sense of my responsibilities to You the Great Creditor, may I be diligent, that I may be found of You in peace, without spot, and blameless.

Supply the need of those whom I love. Wherever my friends are, O You ever-present God, protect and defend them by Your mighty power. If You send them prosperity, keep them from being intoxicated with it: if You send adversity, keep them from being unduly depressed by it. Enrich them with the blessings of Your covenant grace. May we all be bound up together, on the great reaping day of Judgment, in the same bundle of life.

Supply the need of those who are in sorrow. When human cisterns are emptied and human props removed, may they know You as the Portion that cannot be taken from them. May they honor You by being dumb in the midst of perplexing dealings —recognizing these as the ministers of Your will, sent on a mission of wisdom and mercy, and that while they are only planning for time, You are planning for Eternity. May they trust Your sure word of promise, that though now they may see through a glass darkly, —when death shall have rent with his wing the obstructing cloud, in Your light they shall see light. May the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, direct their hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.

Bless the nations of the earth. Hasten the day when the nameless wrongs of a now groaning and travailing creation shall be redressed when all heathen shrines shall be demolished; when will-worship and superstition shall cease. Turn the world’s sighing’s into songs of gladness. Cause its sinful unbelief, the lust and tyranny of passion, the twin curse of slavery and war, to yield to the benign scepter of the Prince of Peace. Increase the ministry of holy lives, and loving deeds. Purify Your churches more and more. Stimulate them to greater energy in Your service. As witnesses for You may they seek with augmented and ever increasing fidelity to show forth the Word of life: and may Your faithful ministers enjoy at last the blessed testimony, that they have not run in vain, neither labored in vain.

Listen to these my humble prayers, and when You hear forgive and grant me an answer in peace for the Redeemer’s sake. Amen.

The Gates of Prayer
By John Ross MacDuff

Daily Prayer No. 64



Ο Lord, be our protection, for You are our redemption.  Direct our minds by Your gracious Presence, and watch over our paths with guiding love; that among the snares which lie hidden in the path in which we walk, we may so pass onward with hearts fixed on You, that by the journey of faith we may come to be where You would have us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (Mozarabic Liturgy, A.D. 700.)

Daily Prayer No. 63


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O God, whose name alone is Jehovah! who is the Most High over all the earth! Who is a God like You, glorious in holiness, doing wonders? Who, by searching, can find out God? Who can find out the Almighty perfection? Ο Lord! there is none great but You! Who shall number the ages of Your eternity; or describe the brightness of Your glory; or define the limits of Your power; or enumerate the treasures of Your goodness; or fathom the depths of Your wisdom; or estimate the riches of Your grace? Such knowledge is too wonderful for us! With profound veneration we would adore the Being we cannot comprehend. From You, who lives forever and ever, we, who are but of yesterday, would ask protection and guidance. We would rejoice that Your power is constantly directed by unerring wisdom, and exerted in effecting the purposes of Your boundless love. We, this moment, stand the monuments of Your sustaining care; for we have again been raised from the insensibility of sleep, to a conscious existence. We are before You now, to render our thanksgivings as the disciples of Jesus Christ. To You our spirits ascends in the prayer of faith. Heavenly Father! we acknowledge with gratitude the daily bounties of Your providence; our temporal favors; our spiritual privileges; our private mercies, and the share we have had in public blessings.

O Lord, may we show our thankfulness in our strict compliance with all Your laws. We pray for steadfastness in our religious purposes, and deprecate that transient goodness, which is compared to the morning cloud and the early dew. Cleaving to You and holding fast that which is good, may we endure unto the end. Increase, O God, our delight in Your law, and direct our examination of the sacred Scriptures. With just solicitude may we ask for the right paths. Excite our diligence in reading, meditation, and prayer. Preserve us from following a multitude to do evil; arm us against the influence of corrupt society; may our choice of companions fall upon such as fear You and keep Your commandments; fortify us against the enticements of dinners; and prevent our entering the path of the wicked. May we be content with that portion of good things allotted us, trusting Your fatherly care to fulfill our reasonable hopes, and supply our necessary wants.

We invoke Your influence to beget within us a strong and practical faith in Jesus Christ May we meditate upon Your purposes in giving a Savior to the world, till our hearts are warmed with true devotion. Ο God! we pray for more religious zeal, for more active piety, more Christian charity, and more divine light Grant to each of us greater fidelity in our several stations; and while on earth, may we work the works of You, our God, who placed us here. May our expectations, relative to future, influence every thought, wish, and pursuit May we consider ourselves as stewards, and remember the account we are to render of our talents. And Ο may it be our happy lot in the day of inquiry and sentence, to hear the approving words, Well done, good and faithful servants.

May the ministers of the Gospel experience in themselves those renovating influences of religion which they preach to others. By them, may the hungry receive the bread that came down from heaven, and the thirsty receive the pure waters of life; by them may the stranger be taken into our great Shepherd’s fold; and the prisoner be visited by the liberty in which Christ makes His people free.

Everlasting Father, most holy and merciful! Your children look to You for the protection of life in this world, and for its happy continuance in the next. It is our first and earnest desire, to perform all our duties, under a deep sense of the importance of religion, leaving our interests to Your disposal.

And now will the God of peace sanctify us wholly, and preserve us blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. To the only wise God, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.  –  A Family Prayer Book by Charles Brooks

Daily Prayer No. 62


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O LORD, our heavenly Father! the great Source of life, the benevolent Power, in whom are all our springs of comfort and happiness! You are good and do good continually; Your tender mercies are over all Your works. Our voice shall You hear in the morning, Ο Lord! in the morning will we direct our prayer unto You, and look up.

To whom should we look up to with sentiments of gratitude at the beginning of every day, but to You, whose care has protected us through the hours of darkness; whose goodness has refreshed us with sleep? To whom, in our ignorance of what a day may bring forth, should we direct our prayers, with sentiments of trust in a paternal providence, and with mutual solicitude for each other’s virtue and happiness, but to You, our eternal Refuge, whose mercies towards us are great and constant? Hear, most gracious God, these our united prayers and thanksgivings.  Oh the goodness we have tasted and Your grace in Jesus Christ, encourages us to pour out our prayers before You. It is our first, and most earnest desire, to enter on the employments, and meet the events of every day, with a deep sense of the importance of religion. Dispose us, Father of our spirits, amidst all the cares and business of this life, to regard the salvation of our souls as the one thing needful. Make us a family of sincere Christians; render our habitation a holy sanctuary, the residence of piety and Christian knowledge. Let every heart be an altar to You. May the religion of Christ, possessing our wills and pervading our affections, become a bond of union, the spring of every virtue, the animating motive to every duty, a support under eνery trial, and the pledge of Your continued favor and everlasting love.

Ο Lord most holy! what we ask for ourselves, we desire for others. Ιncrease the number of those who serve You with holy joy, and with a christian life. Multiply the triumphs of truth over error; of the filial spirit of love over gloomy fears. In all the habitations of men, from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof, may the incense of acceptable praise, and the pure offering of virtuous lives be presented unto You. Endue those who are appointed to rule over their fellow men, with superior wisdom and benevolence. Inspire all instructors of youth, and all teachers of religion, with an ardent concern to promote the greatest welfare of those for whom they labor. Incline the young, Ο God, to cultivate a sober mind; to remember You their Creator, Redeemer and Judge; and to acquire those habits which shall secure their present usefulness and future peace. Lead those in the middle of life, to labor, while it is day, in Your service and for the benefit of their fellow men, before the night comes. Support Your aged servants under all their infirmities, and help them by their example to convince the rising generation, that religion has power to shed comfort upon the decline of life, and to smooth the passage to the tomb.

In the arms of faith and prayer we would commend to You the sick and the afflicted, and will You be very near and gracious to them in weakness and trouble. May Your blessing be upon all our families. Grant that parents may be duly impressed with the high and solemn trust committed to their charge; and see that they set before their children examples, which they can follow with safety; and, when they die, leave behind them characters, which may be remembered with love and veneration. And may children be mindful of how much they owe to their parents; and be induced to do all in their power to promote their happiness. Ο God, grant that all, whether as parents or children, as masters or servants, as members of families, or as citizens of the state, may discharge their obligations with diligence, fidelity, and zeal. In every situation, may it be our chief care to do justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly before You, our God.

In the name of our Redeemer we offer our prayer; and in Him, the Resurrection and the Life, we look forward to a better and happier world, to which You will at last receive us; and to You shall be rendered ceaseless praises. Amen. – A Family Prayer Book by Charles Brooks 1846

Daily Prayer No. 61


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PRAISED be God, Almighty Ruler, who makes the day bright with Your sunshine, and the night with the beams of heavenly fires; who has led us through the hours of daylight and has brought us to the quiet hour Listen now to our prayers, and the prayers of all Your people, and forgive us all, both our conscious and unconscious transgressions. Accept our prayers and pour out upon us who are Your heritage, the fullness of Your mercy and Your compassion. Protect us by Your holy angels; clothe us with the armor of righteousness; shield us with Your truth; watch over us with Your power; save us from all calamity, and from the snares of our adversaries; and give us grace to pass this day and all the days of our life, blameless, holy, peaceful, free from sin, terror, and offense. For with You is mercy and plenteous redemption, O Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, and to You we bring our thanks and praise.

O FATHER of Lights, how much cause have we to thank You for the many benefits which You have showered today on us and ours, on all Your people, yea, on the whole world! Every blessing You have given is a fresh testimony to Your overflowing love towards us, who are so far beneath You. Your gifts, O God, are one with Your love, as the warmth is with the light. Therefore we love You, the Giver, and also the gifts which are the instances of Your love; and our lips praise You. O that every complaint of ours, every cry of impatience, might be changed into a song of thankfulness; for even when You tarry with Your help, yet is this very delay a true kindness, teaching us to pray, to seek, to knock more earnestly, and to wait in patience upon Your all-wise Providence. So now this day we ask Your presence among us, O Lord Jesus; when our bodies sleep may our souls rest in You; to Your loving heart, O great High Priest, we commend ourselves and all whom we love, our friends and also our foes; and most especially those who have asked us to remember them in our weak intercessions. Plead for them and for us evermore. Amen. Stark  1756.

Daily Prayer No. 60


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Holy Almighty God,I, a poor sinner have now arisen.  On the sacred cross, You, the real and patient lamb of sacrifice, did endure for me the most painful death and did redeem me with Your crimson blood from all my sins and from death, satan and hell.  O Lord govern my heart by Your Holy Spirit, refresh it with the heavenly dew of Your grace, keep me this day with Your divine love, and hide me, body and soul, in Your holy wounds; cleanse me from all my sins, preserve me in all good works, and guide me out of this veil of tears into Your eternal joy and glory, In the Name of our most faithful Savior, Jesus Christ, my only comfort, hope and life. Amen.

Book: The Abridged Treasury of Prayers

An Epitome from the Larger “Gebets-Schatz” Published by Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.

Publisher: American Lutheran Publication Board, Pittsburgh, PA. 1906

Daily Prayer No. 59

LORD our God, holy and incomprehensible, who has bidden the light to shine out of darkness, who has refreshed us by nightly slumbers, and again awakened us to praise Your goodness and ask for Your grace: accept now, in Your endless mercy, the sacrifice of our worship and thanksgiving, and grant to us all such requests as may be wholesome for us. Make us to be children of the light and of the day, and heirs of Your everlasting inheritance. Remember, O Lord, according to the multitude of Your mercies, Your whole Church; all who join with us in prayer; all our brethren by land or sea, or wherever they may be in Your vast kingdom.  Remember, O Lord, all who stand in need of Your grace and succor. Pour out upon them the riches of Your mercy, so that we, redeemed in soul and body, and steadfast in faith, may ever praise Your wonderful and holy name.

We thank You with our whole hearts that You have so mercifully preserved us through the past night, and suffered us to meet again this morning at Your throne safe and well, an unbroken family. We humbly beseech You to forgive us whatever was amiss in the hours that have just fled, and to keep us this day, with all that is ours, and all who are dear to us, in Your Divine protection.  You, who is the Light of all men, so dwell in our hearts that our mind and conscience may be enlightened, that we may grow from day to day in the knowledge of Your holy will, and learn to walk honestly, as becomes the day; not in covetousness, or in wantonness, in ambition, or strife, or discord. May we put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and show our true faith by our godly and pious lives; may we let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works, and glorify our Father in heaven. When our earthly days are numbered, O Lord, bring us to the blessed light of everlasting bliss, for the merits of Your dear Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen — Lassenius 1686.

Daily Prayer No. 58


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Heavenly Father loving and merciful God, we are now beginning a new week under Your protection. We know not what may happen to us in the course of it; how much joy or sorrow one day may bring forth, how much more the whole week. Therefore at its very outset we draw near to You, and commend ourselves wholly into Your hands. Give us, O God, Your Holy Spirit, to purify, govern, and guide us, and to bear witness within us that we are children of God. Bless this week to us; bless our coming in and going out, our occupations and the business to which You have called us. We lift our eyes unto the hills, from whence comes our help; even from You, O Lord, who has made heaven and earth. If You guide us, we shall not go astray; if You uphold us, we shall not fall; therefore let Your mercy and goodness be ever around us. Bless whatsoever is ours, and let it prosper to Your praise.
O faithful Father, keep and defend us from hurt and danger, loss and disaster; let us dwell day and night in Your favor and grace. Guard our home; be a strong wall to us and those whom we love, so shall we not be utterly cast down whatever misfortune may overtake us. Hear us when we cry to You in any emergency, and let us not go unanswered from the throne of grace. Keep us, O Lord, from sin; show us Your ways and guide us in Your truth. Unite our hearts to fear Your Name ; let that holy fear be so deep within us that we may never turn away from You, but continue in Your grace to our life’s end. Grant that this week we may grow more God-fearing and holy, may increase in the knowledge and love of You, and add to our faith virtue, to virtue modesty, to modesty temperance, to temperance patience, and to patience joy in the Lord. But if this coming week should be spent beneath the shadow of the cross, O send to us the Comforter, and may He strengthen us with might to endure and overcome all things. Be our help and refuge in every trouble.

Now we commit ourselves, with all we have and all we love, unto Your fatherly care, and not ourselves only but all our fellow-Christians. Be gracious to us all, and show Yourself in our lives.  You are the Savior of all men, but especially of them that put their trust in You. For Thy dear Son’s sake. Amen – Stark 1740
Prayers from the Collection of Baron Bunsen (1871)
Edited by Karrol 2016

Daily Prayer No. 57

HAVE mercy, we beseech You, Ο Lord, on all mankind. Make Your way known upon earth, Your saving health among all nations. Bring into Your fold Your ancient people Israel. Bless, guide and govern by Your Spirit Your whole Church, heal its divisions, cleanse it from all corruptions, and make it fruitful unto all good works. Have mercy on the people of this land, and pour forth largely Your blessing on all the Cities and States. Bless our President and Government of our Nation, and the Councils of our Church, and grant that all laws made by them may work for righteousness and peace. Bless this place in which we live with a spirit of charity and godliness. Bless our own household and all its members. Bless all who are near and dear to us wheresoever they are. Bless the poor and the afflicted, the sorrowing and the perplexed. To each and all of us grant that which You know to be best for us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.    (Source not found.)

Daily Prayer No. 56


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O GOD the Father, of Heaven: have mercy upon us, miserable sinners.
O God the Son, Redeemer of the world: have mercy upon us, miserable sinners.
O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son: have mercy upon us, miserable sinners.
O Holy, Blessed, and Glorious Trinity, three persons and one God: have mercy upon us, miserable sinners.

Remember not, Precious Lord, our offenses; neither deal with us according to our sins; spare us, good Lord, Spare Your people, whom You have redeemed with Your most precious blood: after the multitude of Your great mercies, Spare us, good Lord.

From all evil, especially from the evil of sin; from the crafts and assaults of the devil; from Your wrath, and from everlasting damnation, Good Lord, deliver us.

From all blindness of heart; from pride, self-conceit, and hypocrisy; from envy, hatred, and malice, and all uncharitableness, Good Lord, deliver us.

By the mystery of Your holy Incarnation; by Your cross and passion; by Your precious death and burial; by Your glorious resurrection and ascension; and by the coming of the Holy Ghost, Good Lord, deliver us.

In all the times of our tribulation; in all the times of our wealth; in the hour of death, and in the day of Judgment, Good Lord, deliver us.

We pray to You, Almighty God, for future mercies, let us not forget to acknowledge those which we have already received. We bless You for our creation; we bless You for preserving us till now; we bless You for all Your goodness towards us; but, above all, we bless You for Your great love in sending Your Son Jesus Christ into the world, to die for our sins, and to rise again for our justification. We beseech You to make us so sensible of Your mercies, that our hearts may be truly thankful; and that we may praise You, not only with our lips, but in our lives, by giving up ourselves to Your service; and by walking before You in holiness and righteousness all our days, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, to whom with You, and the Holy Ghost, be all honor and glory, world without end. Amen. – A Selection of Prayers for Families by Edward Jones

Daily Prayer No. 55


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O heavenly Father, you have filled the world with beauty: Open our eyes to behold your gracious hand in all your works; that, rejoicing in your whole creation, we may learn to serve you with gladness; for the sake of him through whom all things were made, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For All Sorts and Conditions

O God, the creator and preserver of all mankind, we pray to you for all sorts and conditions of people; that you would be pleased to make your ways known to them, your saving health to all nations. More especially we pray for your holy Church universal; that it may be so guided and governed by your good Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life. Finally, we commend to your fatherly goodness all those who are in any ways afflicted or distressed, in mind, body, or estate; [especially those for whom our prayers are desired]; that it may please you to comfort and relieve them according to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions. And this we beg for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen

For the Human Family

O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Peace

Eternal God, in whose perfect kingdom no sword is drawn but the sword of righteousness, no strength known but the strength of love: So mightily spread abroad your Spirit, that all peoples may be gathered under the banner of the Prince of Peace, as children of one Father; to whom be dominion and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

From the Book of Common Prayer

Daily Prayer No. 54


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O LORD, the great Almighty God, You art the giver of life and strength, and of all grace all goodness; without whom we can do nothing; and through whose gracious assistance it is, that we are enabled to do all things belonging to Your service and our duty.  We humbly pray, that You will be graciously present with us, and powerfully assist us this day. Direct and quicken us in all the ways and duties of Your holy service. Lord forgive our iniquities, that separate us between You and our souls; and remember not the sins against us, which may justly provoke You to hide Your face from us. But according to Your mercy, remember us, O Lord, and accept us, and our imperfect services, at the hands, and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

O leave us not to the dullness and hardness, the vanity and deceitfulness of our own depraved hearts but show the power of Your heavenly grace, in working mightily upon these hearts of ours: to bring and keep them in such a holy frame, that we may be fit to attend upon You, and perform more faithful and appropriate service to You and enjoy more of that heavenly communion with You, which You have made us capable of; and which our souls will be forever restless without.

O let us not serve You in formality and hypocrisy, making any duties of course the cover of a vain licentious life.  But let our hearts and souls, and all that is within us, be taken up in a reverent, faithful and affectionate attendance upon You. Nor let us serve You out of duty, only because we must; but with all readiness and gladness, and love and delight.  Making Your pleasure to be ours, and the daily service of our Lord, the joy and solace of our souls. O help us so to sanctify this day, that Your day may be a means to promote the sanctification of our souls. Let us bestow ourselves in exercises benefitting the holy season; and not profane it to any vain and vicious purposes. But on the Lord’s day may we abound in the work of the Lord; and not do our own works, nor find our own pleasure, nor speak our own words, in the day which You have hallowed for Yourself.  Let us rest from all our sinful ways, as well as from our continuous labors; and so delight ourselves in You.  O Lord, give us pure hearts, and bless to us Your word, O gracious Father.  Give to us all the means of grace, which through Your favor we enjoy, that we may not use them in vain, nor to our hurt: but for the informing of our minds, the reforming of our lives, and the saving of our souls; still growing in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; till we attain to be such as Your holy word requires, in all holy conversation and godliness.

Great peace have they that love Your law.  O Lord, increase our love of Your word, which the angels desire to look into.  Make our souls pliable and submissive, to be turned and ruled by it, till we become in all things agreeable to it.

Bless us, our Father, and command a blessing upon all our pious designs and performances this day: and bless Your servants whom You have appointed to break the bread of life to our souls, that they may speak Your word and give to everyone their portion in due season. And that Your word, which they deliver, may be to our conviction, edification and comfort, and the savor of life to our souls. O You that has the key of David, and opens and no man shuts, You that speaks to the heart, and gives the increase, open our understandings to receive Your truth, both in the light, and in the love of it. And set it home so powerfully in our hearts that it may take root deep in our souls, make the fruits of Your Spirit be seen in our lives.  Let us not be forgetful hearers but faithful doers of Your word.

And grant, O God, that our services this day be such, as may tend to our advantage and in the great day of Your appearing and that we may so hallow these Sabbaths on earth, that hereafter we may be attend the joyful celebration of the eternal life in Your kingdom of heaven: therewith all the church triumphant, to magnify Your glorious name, and to enjoy Your love, and sing Your praise forever. For the addition of this Sabbath to all the rest, for the benefit of Your word, and the ordinances of Your worship, and all the means of grace, and hopes of Your eternal glory, to You, the God of all grace, be the praise, and honor, and glory rendered by us, and by all .’ thine, from this time forth, and fοrever. AMEN.

— A collection of Family Prayers and Devotions

Daily Prayer No. 53

Ο YOU Most High! Yours eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good; You see every secret thing; You search the hearts, and try the reins of the children of men. We come into Your presence with reverence and deep humility, for it becomes us to lay in the dust, and, putting our hands upon our mouths, to cry, unclean, unclean; God be merciful to us sinners.

We acknowledge ourselves to be sinners. Our iniquities are great and numberless; but with a brοken heart and contrite spirit, we pray to be delivered from them, and to be led in the way everlasting. We are ruined by sin; we have no merit in ourselves, and can offer no excuse for our transgressions; but You are rich in mercy. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin. On the morning of this holy Sabbath, of this day consecrated to the solemn duties of religion, we would approach the mercy seat, and beseech You, Ο Lord, that You wilt blot out our iniquities and forgive our sins.

Will You look upon the face of Your anointed, and for Jesus’s sake be merciful to us. Create in us clean hearts, and renew a right spirit ‚within us. Enlighten our minds that we may understand Your word; give us tender and wakeful consciences, that we may feel the force of truth, and warm our hearts by a sense of Your presence.

May we remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy; may we keep it in commemoration of that day in which our Savior arose from the dead, having finished the work of redemption. We pray that our souls may rise this day from drowsiness and sloth to watchfulness and diligence in Your service. Be with us in the public, private, and social duties of this sacred day; may we hear Your word, search the scriptures with our hearts, and call upon Your name, that our souls shall derive an eternal benefit.

You, Lord, know the hearts of each member of this family. Bless us who are parents, and give us wisdom, and faith, and patience, that we may discharge our duty to our children with an eye single to Your glory. We beseech You to have mercy upon the children — may they all be interested in the great salvation; convince them all of sin, and lead them to the Savior, who has said “Suffer the little children to come to me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

We render You thanks, most merciful God, for the favors You have conferred upon us. We thank You for creating and preserving us; for the kind care You have taken of us; You have fed and clothed us; and what is more, You have provided for us the bread of life —that bread which came down out of heaven, of which if a man eat he shall hunger no more. In view of Your great mercy to us, we desire to serve You better. We cannot repay You for the least of Your mercies; but we would show our gratitude by being more obedient, more circumspect, and more devoted to Your service.

We would not confine our requests to ourselves. We would remember the wants of others. Regard these who are sick, and restore them to health, or prepare them to die in peace; have compassion upon the broken hearted and afflicted, whether by the death of friends, by sickness, by loss of property, by trials, or by disappointment;—let their afflictions do them good; my they soon be heard to say, it is good for us that we have been afflicted.

Meet with all those who may assemble this day for Your worship. Let those who preach the gospel have an unction from the Holy One; may Your Spirit accompany the truths to the hearts of all who hear, and may Your children be comforted and quickened, and sinners converted from the error of their ways. May the Gospel soon be published to every creature. Will You hear us for the sake of Jesus Christ, to whom with the Father and Spirit be endless praises. AMEN. — Rev. Emerson Davis

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Daily Prayer No. 52


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O God, whose name alone is Jehovah. You are the Most High over all the earth; and You have set Your glory above the heavens. All Your works praise You, Ο Lord, and Your saints bless You. You are our father’s God, and we will exalt You.  You are our own God, and early will we seek You, for in Your favor is life.

Open our lips, and our mouth shall show forth Your praise. You have made us, and not We ourselves. Yours eye see our substance and in Your book our names are written.  You have taught us more than the beasts of the field, and made us wiser than the fowls of the air. There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding.  Your providence has watched over us from the womb, supplied all our wants, arranged all our affairs, and determined the boundaries of our habitation.

The lines have fallen to us in pleasant places, yea, we have a good heritage. We live in a land of vision. How superior are our advantages to those of Your ancient people, the Jews. The SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, which was below the horizon to them, has risen upon us with healing in His wings; and we are all the children of the day. Let us not, therefore, sleep, as do others; but while we have the light, may we walk in the light, lest darkness come upon us.

May we ever be impressed with the conviction that where much is given, much will be required and that our greatest danger results from our distinguishing advantages— our Sabbaths; our sanctuaries; the Scriptures of truth; the preaching of the gospel; and all the other means of grace.

What more could have been done for us than You have done? and yet how little fruit have we brought forth. We deserve to be cut down as encumberers of the ground, and cast into the fire. Yet, Ο Lord, spare us, for the sake of Your Son, our Savior; and lengthen out our day of grace. Convict us of sin, of righteousness, and of a judgment to come. May we see our danger, and our refuge too, and be led to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; and may we find Him to be precious to our souls, the CHIEF AMONG TEN THOUSAND, AND THE ONE ALTOGETHER LOVELY.

May we be made the partakers of Christ, and not only of His righteousness, but of His Spirit.  That we may be, not only pardoned, but renewed; and not only have a title to heaven, but a meetness for it. No longer alienated from the life of God, may our meditations of You be sweet, and may we draw near to You with exceeding joy. May we trust in Your promises, and rely on Your constant pro­tection and care. May we be devoted to Your service, and find in it perfect freedom. May we delight ourselves in Your commandments, and forget not Your word, that we may not sin against You.

With afflictions weaned from the world, and with evidences bright for heaven, all the days of our appointed time may we wait till our change comes: may we die, supported by the consolations of the gospel, and surrounded with the glory of God; and have an entrance ministered to us abundantly, into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior.

Prepare us for our passage, as well as for our end. While we are here, may we fulfil the duties and bear with firmness, the trials of our respective stations; may we glorify our Father, who is in heaven; and serve our generation according to His will.

Continue Your goodness to us as a family. Adapt Your mercies to each of our wants. May those of us who hope in You that we have passed from death to life, walk humbly with God and grow in grace, and may those who are still impenitent, be convinced of sin and become the devoted servants of Christ. Remember our absent friends. Let Your ministers enjoy Your presence; and Your churches be filled with Your glory. Let this nation be under Your care.  Ever protect the seat of learning and science; of civil and religious freedom; of social blessedness; and of gospel privileges; shall they be the source of usefulness to the ends of the earth.

May Ethiopia stretch forth her hands to God. And may all nations whom You have made, come and worship before You. For Yours, Ο God, is the power; and Yours shall be the glory, through our Lord and Savior. AMEN. — Rev. Emerson Davis