My Heavenly Father and Lord,

You are the author and giver of all good things, be pleased to hear my morning prayer. I thank You for the goodness You have given my family and I during the past night. We laid ourselves down to rest and You gave us peaceful slumber. We have risen up again through the sustaining power of Your mercy. You have granted us favor to see the light of another day. May this day’s work be spent in Your service and to Your glory.

You have blessed me abundantly even though I am unworthy to receive any blessing from Your hands, for I have been an unfaithful servant, leaving undone what You have directed me to do, and having done that which Your word and the voice of conscience condemns.

Forgive me, for what You have seen wrong in me during the past night and this day up till now, and enable me to realize by faith that precious truth of Your word, that if I sin I have an Advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ the righteous — and that His blood cleanses me from all sin.

I ask for Your promised guidance for the duties of this day: that You would lead me in a plain path because of my enemies: that You would show me the way in which I ought to walk, and grant me grace to walk uprightly in that way.

Lord may I live in love and wisdom towards those that I live among: as a help to those who are fellow-pilgrims and strangers here: as an example to those who have erred from the right way. Make me kind and tenderhearted: willing to forgive all injuries done to me: ready to bless and love my enemies, that their hearts may be softened, and they themselves drawn by the cords of love to Him who would have us all to be of one mind.

Heavenly Father, be with me and all those near and dear to me. Give us grace to live together in this life that in the world to come we may have life everlasting.

Lord, for Christ’s sake, accept my prayers and praises. Look upon me through the righteousness and obedience of my Mediator, and since He has satisfied the Law’s demands, and set Your people free from its encumbrance and burden, do have mercy upon me, and number me among Your happy freed ones, that I may worship and serve You as I ought.

I ask all for the Savior’s sake, and to Him with You, and the Holy Spirit, be all honor and glory now and forever. Amen.

BLESSING: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all evermore. Amen.


O Lord, my heavenly Father, almighty and everlasting God, incline, Your ear to my evening prayer, and accept my tribute of thanksgiving. In Your mercy, You have brought me to the end of another day. You have endured my shortcomings and misdoings. You have withheld the punishment due to my sins. You have granted me many mercies, though I am utterly unworthy of any kindness and mercy at Your hands, for I have added ingratitude to the list of my misdeeds, and even as You have been blessing me, I have forgotten You and discarded the way of Your commandments. Forgive me and enable me by the power of Your Holy Spirit to serve You better, to love You more wholeheartedly, and to acknowledge You in all my ways. Make me feel my helplessness and weakness and sinfulness: make me understand that without You I can do nothing acceptable in Your sight, so that I may come to You for cleansing, strengthening, and protecting grace.

I thank You, O Lord, for Your goodness to my family and I. I thank You for our temporal comforts and blessings. May I look upon them, not as my right or inheritance, but as mercies which You may see fit to withhold from me. And if it should please You to withdraw these earthly comforts and this outward prosperity, may I still be able to bless and praise Your holy Name, and to feel that You do all things well. And if it should be Your gracious will that I learn to know You, and to live according to Your laws, in the school of affliction, may I welcome the rod that strikes me in love, and profits me by the saving of my soul. I ask for Your merciful care and protection for the coming night. Abide with me, for without You I cannot rest in peace or safety. Grant me refreshing rest, that I may rise to work with increased earnestness in Your kingdom, [Bless the little ones of our household: subdue the evil tendencies of their hearts, and enable them to serve You, their Creator, in the days of their youth.] May all who are dwelling under this roof, or who may be staying in the midst of us for a while, live in godly love and honesty, helping one another in all good things, and striving to promote peace and devotion in our midst.

Accept, these unworthy thanks, and hear my prayer, through the all-powerful intercession of my blessed Mediator, to whom with You and the Holy Ghost I ascribe all honor and glory now and forever. Amen.

By Rev. S. Nunn, M.A. Rector of Lawton Cheshire
Book: A Week’s Household Prayers
Publisher: T. Wardle
Date Published: 1872
Revised by: Karrol Sneed on Oct. 16, 2013