Most glorious and eternal God, Father of mercy and God of all consolation, we worship and adore You with the lowest humility of our souls, and give You all thanks and praise for Your infinite and essential glories and perfections, and for the continual manifestation of Your mercies to us and to all me.
We acknowledge, gracious Father, that we have deserved Your righteous displeasure.
But Your mercy is greater than our sins: You have still continued us in life and given us time for repentance: You have opened unto us the gates of mercy and grace, and You perpetually call upon us to enter in and to walk in the path of a holy life, that we may glorify You, and of You be glorified everlastingly.
Behold, O God, for this Your unspeakable goodness, for Your preservation of us during the past week, and for all of Your other graces and blessings, we offer up our souls and bodies, all that we have and all that we are, as a sacrifice to You and to Your service; humbly beseeching You to pardon all our sins, to defend us from all evil, to lead us into all good, and to let our portion be with Your saints in Your kingdom of grace and glory.
So guide us, O Lord, through all the changes of life, that in all things which shall befall us, we may preserve an even and tranquil spirit, and our souls may be wholly resigned to Your divine will and pleasure: neither murmuring at Your gentle chastisements and Fatherly corrections, nor waxing proud and insolent when the comforts and prosperous successes of this world are multiplied unto us.
Fix our thoughts, our hopes, and our desires upon heaven and heavenly things.
Teach us to repent deeply of our sins; give us holy purposes of amendment, and spiritual strength and assistance to perform faithfully whatsoever we shall intend piously.
Enable us to think of You and what is honorable to Your glory and service; to speak nothing but what is acceptable unto You and accordant with Your will, and do nothing but what becomes Your servants, whom You have created in Your own image, and made the heirs of everlasting life.
O God, let all our passions and affections be so mortified and brought under the dominion of grace, that we may never by deliberation and purpose, nor yet by levity, rashness or inconsideration, offend Your divine majesty.
Strengthen our faith, confirm our hope, and give us a daily increase of charity, that this day and every day, we may serve You according to all our opportunities and capacities, growing from grace to grace, till at last by Your mercies we shall receive the consummation of our faith, and the reward of our obedience in the glories of Your heavenly and eternal kingdom, and in the full fruition of Your face and excellences O God, to whom be glory and praise, honor and adoration, given by all angels and all men, and all creatures, now and to all eternity. Amen

Book: The Book of Prayer and Praise
Author: E. C. Osborne
Publisher: Trubner and Co.; London 1871
Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2013