Holy Father God full of grace and mercy Your goodness is beyond my comprehension. Your grace keeps me safe from harm.

Because of the love You have for me I have freedom in Christ for You have declared that every one that commits sin is the bondservant of sin. But Your Son Jesus makes me free.

I do not put my trust in man but I put my trust in You my God. I live by faith and walk by faith and not by sight.

I rejoice at the sound of Your name and the breath of Your Holy Spirit. I cling to the promises You have made. I smile at the sight of a rainbow the sign of Your unfailing covenant.

I rejoice in Your presence Lord and have learned to be content in all circumstances whether in want or plenty. I worship You Lord, I bow in humble adoration. For You take pleasure in Your people; You beautify the humble with salvation and adorn the wretched with victory.

I thank You Lord because You are just. I sing praise to Your name Lord Most High. I sing praises to You Lord who reigns in Jerusalem. I tell the world about Your unforgettable deeds.

I rejoice and sing to You Lord because You are good to me. I thank You for saving me. I thank You for giving me a new life because I am in Christ the Messiah and Christ is in me.

Now lead me as I go out into the world to do Your will as Your humble servant. Amen

Author: Karrol Sneed October 2013