O Lord when we consider the heavens and the immensity of the material universe, the works of Your hand, the sun, moon, and stars which You have ordained, we are led to exclaim in humility, what is man in his weakness and insignificance that You are mindful of him, and do reveal Yourself to him as the object of his supreme homage, adoration and promise! While angels and archangels veil themselves before You, crying holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts, and the whole earth is full of Your goodness, Your power and Your glory, may we ever stand in awe of You. And as You are justly to be feared and held in reverence by all the hierarchies of heaven about You, may we ever make sacred Your name in our hearts and on our lips. May we reverence Your authority, Your sabbath and Your laws. May we never repeat Your name to sanction falsehood, nor in foolish levity or profane swearing, nor in hypocritical or mere formal worship. May thoughts of Your power and Your goodness, Your omniscience and Your justice, Your holiness and Your glory, ever inspire us with that awe and reverence which are the beginning of worship. And may Your name be great in the earth, and be feared by all people. Let all the inhabitants of the world, turn from their idolatrous devotion to gods which they have made, to worldly possessions, and to the persons of men, and know that You alone are the Most High over all the earth, and You alone are to be feared and held in reverence among the sons of men.

O Lord help us to admire all Your perfections, obey all Your laws. Give us grace to love You with all our hearts and our neighbor as ourselves. Amen

Book: The Bible Prayer Book for Family Worship
Author: Br. W. W. Everts
Publisher: Ivison & Phinney 1855
Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2013