ALMIGHTY God, who rules over all the nations of the earth, and on whose gracious providence we depend evermore for preservation and prosperity; Extend, we beseech You, Your paternal goodness to the people of this nation.
Our necessities and dangers are all known to You.
Vouchsafe to guide us continually with Your counsel, and strengthen us with Your power; and so direct and sanctify our hearts, that, looking up to You as our only safeguard and the supreme author of all blessings, we may have the unspeakable blessing of Your almighty protection and Your heavenly favor. Amen.

Book: A book of Prayer for the Church and Home
Author: Unknown
Publisher: Universalist Publishing House (Boston)
Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2013

Father God;
Hear the prayers of Your children here in the United States of America as we cry out for our nation. We were once “One nation under God” but now we are one nation under many gods. Lord forgive us of our sins of idolatry. Turn the heart of our nation back to serving You the one and only true God. Lord move in the hearts of the people of our nation may they come to their knees before you repenting of their sins. Lord move the hearts of the churches that they would no longer devise programs to meet what they think are the people’s needs but only tickle their ears. Lord may the churches of this nation fall on their knees before You and pray for a fresh wind of revival in our nation.

Lord may we stand united in what is just and right in this country instead of what is morally wrong. Lord give our leaders repentant hearts, strike their hearts with the realization of the grave responsibilities they carry. Lord, if they do not know You as their one true Savior, send to them the ones that would pour out the truth of Your Word and lead them to salvation.

Forgive our nation for being horrible stewards over the money you have blessed this nation with. Lord we are now in terrible debt and there seems to be no end to it. Give our leaders wisdom in how to balance the budget and bring our country back onto secure financial footings.

Lord for give our nation of their sins of harlotry we have too often looked for pleasure in the sins of the flesh instead of finding peace and joy in Your presence.

Lord bring our nation to the point of true reverence of You as their Lord and King. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Author: Karrol Sneed 2013