O LORD our God, great, eternal, wonderful in glory, who keeps covenant and promise for those that love You with their whole heart. You are the life of all, the help of those that come to You, the hope of those who cry out to You; cleanse us from our sins, secret and open, and from every thought displeasing to You; cleanse our bodies and souls, our hearts and consciences, that with a pure heart and a clean soul, with perfect love and calm hope, we may venture confidently and fearlessly to pray to You.

O GOD, the fountain of blessings and the bestower of affections, who sends peace to those who receive it, open unto us this day the sea of Your love, and water us with overflowing streams from the riches of Your grace. Make us children of quietness, and heirs of peace. Kindle in us the fire of Your love; sow in us Your fear; strengthen our weakness by Your power; bind us closely to You and to each other in one firm and indissoluble bond of unity.

O LORD God, the inspirer and enlightener of all the prophets, speak to us this day. Your ministers can pronounce the words, but cannot impart the Spirit; they may arrest the attention or convince the intellect with force of language, but if Your Holy Spirit is not working they do not inflame the heart. They administer the letter, but You open the sense; they utter the mystery, but You reveal its meaning; they publish Your laws, but You impart the power of obedience; they point out the way to life, but You bestow strength to walk in it; they water, but You give the increase; their voice sounds in the ear, but it is You that give understanding to the heart. Therefore, O Lord our God, speak to our souls, in case, being outwardly warned but not inwardly quickened, we die and are found unfruitful; in case the Word is heard and not obeyed, known and not loved, professed and not kept, turns to our condemnation. Speak, therefore, good Lord, speak to Your servants, to the comfort of our souls, to the renovation of our nature, and to the eternal praise and glory of Your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book: Daily Prayers for Families and Schools
Author: Henry Burnside
Publisher: Simpkin, Marshal & Co., (London) 1877
Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2013