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ALMIGHTY and ever-blessed God, source of all being, and fountain of all good; we, Your children, created by You, continually preserved by You, and indebted to You for all that we possess and all that we enjoy, would come before You this morning, to express our sense of Your goodness to us, to acknowledge our dependence upon You, to adore Your greatness, and commend ourselves to Your care.

Father of our spirits, Glory be to Your name that You have made us capable of holding communion with You and of receiving the revelations of Your word and will.

Glory be to Your name we give thanks for the heavenly doctrines, precepts, and promises of the gospel of Your Son. We make it our earnest prayer to You, that our hearts may be touched by its holy influences, that our characters may be formed by its spirit, that our lives may be governed by its laws. Guide us in the ways of its truth to the everlasting home which it promises to the righteous.

Let us give thanks for the freedom we have in this country to attend public worship. We are grateful for all that You have done and all that has gone into preparing today’s services.  We rejoice as we attend our church and participate in public worship, and the services and instructions of Your house. Let our attendance give aid to our spiritual improvement and our eternal good. Let us enter Your gates with thanksgiving, and Your courts with praise, and take with us our best affections and resolutions to the temple of the Lord, Suffer not our minds to be distracted, nor our devotions to languish. Let not our thoughts, which ought to be engaged in the study of Your holy Word, be still returning to the cares, pleasures, and follies of a temporary world; neither let us take Your name upon our lips when our hearts are far from You. But let our prayers and meditations exalt You.

Purify us, and assist with our duties in this life, and prepare us for that eternal world to which we are rapidly hastening.

Bless all who call upon Your name this day. May they approach You in sincerity, humility, and love. May all denominations of Christians, however divided in opinion, be joined together in the bond of peace and an earnest regard for the interests of furtherance of Your Kingdom and true virtue.

And oh, let the name and the gospel of Your Son be known and glorified more and more, till the whole world shall come to the perfect light, and embrace the truth as it is in Jesus. In his worthy name, and as his disciples, we offer these our petitions; ascribing to You, the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, all glory and honor, might, majesty, and dominion, now and for evermore. Amen

Book: Morning and Evening Prayers
Author: Unknown
Publisher: John Wilson and Son; Boston: 1865Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2013