Lord of all being, I come to bow before your throne of grace. You are always near.  I have come expectantly, eager for authentic tidings of invisible things. Let no pretenses in me thwart your Spirit in its seeking for our minds. May I speak no words in worship that are only words. May I sing no praises that are only songs.  Rather I call to you as deep calls unto deep, the words and songs but symbols of my overflowing desire for your life and strength in me.

Forgive me, Lord, for all the littleness and wrong in me. Forgive me for the petty hurts I go on remembering long after all reason for remembering is past; for the satisfaction I feel in getting even, and the absurd notion I should not be blamed for feeling as I do. Have mercy upon me when I persist in my prejudices and cling to opinions I should have outgrown, and when, having become adult, I refuse to put away childish things.

Guide me, O Lord, to the fullness of life in Christ. Save me from self-deception, lest I condone my own sins with excuses I think are sound reasons. Guard me from self-pity, from those melancholy hours of feeling I am a victim of an unfair fate. Teach me to know that by your grace I can be captain of my souls.

Give me courage to meet the worst, believing in the best, and faith to face the darkness still trusting there is light beyond the dark.

Remember those laid low by illness. Grant them your healing touch and quiet trust within. Abide with those in lands beyond the sea whose lives are haunted by a tortured fear. Let them find strength in you and courage for the days ahead. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Book: Prayers
Author: Harold Blake Walker (Minister of First Presbyterian Church)
Publisher: Self Published by Friends of Mr. Walker’s
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2013