Lord God Most High
Turn Your ear to hear my prayer this morning.  Lord heal the hearts of the broken hearted.  When the pain is so great that it engulfs them, touch their hearts.  Lord when they can’t eat because the grief is too much to bear, whisper words of comfort in their ears.  When the band-aides don’t work any more and they are shattered beyond understanding. Wrap them in Your loving arms and let them know that You are there.  God heal the wounds caused by unkind words spoken, heal the wounds that are caused by peoples unrighteous judgments, heal the wounds that have festered for years and have caused anger and resentment.  God heal the hearts of your children that they may walk in love and know the joy of your salvation.

God be with every child that cries in the night.  Every child that is broken because of the loss of a job, divorce, or is separated from their family.  God only You can heal these kinds of wounds.  No man can hear the heart cries you hear. When there is no place else to turn may those who have such deep emotional pain that they lay on their bed crying all the day and all the night heal them and let them find hope in You.

God, bless every service dog in the world that has laid their head on their masters lap in comfort.  For every animal that is there when no one else is, Lord bless them.

Lord when the wounds are too deep to put into words, tell them You can hear their hearts.  Restore to them the joy and peace that only You can give.  Sit with them in the night Lord, hold them gently, sing softly to their heart that they may know Your love.  In Jesus Name I come. Lord let it be so

Karrol Sneed 2013