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  • O Lord, my God, another morning calls to praise and prayer. Inspire my heart with love, and tune my lips to praise. The world waking into beauty, and its innumerable creatures in air, and land, and sea, testify to Your creative power and goodness. The heavens declare Your glory, and the firmament shows Your handiwork. I join my voice with the great chorus of nature in thanksgiving unto You.
  • I bless You for Your word, revealing Your character, and law, and purposes to men.
    May I understand its teachings, and hide its truths in my heart, to bring forth fruit in my life.
  • I bless You for the gift of Your Son to save a lost world; for the sweet story of the manger, the garden, and the cross. May He dwell in my heart by faith. May I trust in Him only for salvation, giving up all confidence in self. May he be my great example, in submission to Your will, and in forgetfulness of self and labor for the good of others.
  • May His cause prosper, and all men be won to His love and service. Give divine energy to all agencies at work for this end. May missionaries rejoice in seeing heathen nations turning from idols to the incarnate Saviour. May ministers in Christian lands exult in the power of the cross to subdue the enmity of the heart, and to bow the worldly and the vicious at the feet of Jesus.
  • May Your word be translated into all human tongues, be read in all homes, and its power be felt in all hearts. Kindle zeal in Your churches, that Your people may be strong in faith and diligent in labor, knowing that the redemption of the world draws near.
  • Give special grace to all who have special needs. Heal the sick; comfort the bereaved; let the promises of Your word cheer the desponding. Feed the poor, and raise up friends for the widow and the fatherless. Awaken careless sinners, subdue the stubborn, and reveal a pardoning Saviour to souls burdened with a sense of guilt.
  • And now go forth with me, I beseech You, to the duties of a new day. Guard from temptation, succor in peril, and keep my soul in perfect peace, may my heart be stayed on You. May the day begin and end with You. All these blessings I ask in the prevailing name of Him who loved me and gave Himself for me; and to Him, with Yourself and the Holy Spirit, the One and Triune God, be glory forever. Amen.

Book: The Quiet Hour
Author: Rev. Herman Lincoln, D.D.
Publisher: BOSTON: D. Lothrop & Co. 1871
Revised & Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2013