Our Father in heaven;
Once more a new day lies before us,to worship and adore you.
As we go out among men to do our work, touching the hands and lives of our fellows, make us, we pray, friends of all the world.

Save us from blighting the fresh flower of any heart by the flare of sudden anger or secret hate.
May we not bruise the rightful self-respect of any by contempt or malice.
Help us to cheer the suffering by our sympathy, to freshen the drooping by our hopefulness, and to strengthen in all the wholesome sense of worth and the joy of life.

Save us from the deadly poison of class-pride.
Grant that we may look all men in the face with the eyes of a brother.
If any one needs us, make us ready to yield our help ungrudgingly, unless higher duties claim us, and may we rejoice that we have it in us to be helpful to our fellow-men.

Book: Prayers of the Social Awakening
Author: Walter Rauschenbusch
Publisher: The Pilgrim Press 1910
Revised and Adapted by Karrol Sneed 2013