Defend us, O God, in soul and body, from all evil. Guard us against the assaults of our enemies, the devil, the snares the world, and the sinful desires of our own hearts. And seeing it is a small thing to have begun well, except we also persevere, take us, O Lord, into Thy good keeping this day and all our days. Continue and increase Thy grace within us, until we be perfected in the glory our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sun of righteousness, who shall replenish our souls with His eternal light and glad ness. We pray for all our relatives and friends [especially for the young of this family], that Thou wouldst enrich them with the treasures of Thy grace. We pray for the poor, the sick, the dying, and all who are in adversity or affliction, that it may please Thee to comfort and relieve them. Extend Thy compassion, we beseech Thee, to all mankind. Put an end to war and discord, as well as to vice and superstition, everywhere. And speedily diffuse Thy Gospel throughout the earth, to enlighten and convert the nations that sit in darkness. Graciously hear our humble supplications, according to the riches of Thy mercy in Jesus Christ, our Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

Book: Family Prayers
Author: Church of Scotland General Assembly
Publisher: William Blackwood and Sons 1836