O THOU who comprehends a mother love, send Your richest blessings upon my mother. You have put about me the ripening companionship of her womanhood. My life spans the years that have changed her from youth to old age; my experience has been won at the cost of her tailings; my failures have brought her secret pain; my foolish pride has melted before her indulgent love; my manhood has been nurtured by her care. All that is holy in me comes from her unspoken teachings; all that is wicked has gathered out of the moments when I had forgotten her. Grant unto her in the approaching days when her great love will be embodied in a feebler frame, the fruitage of her years of labor. May the life of her son be fair for her to see. May peace be the companion of her memories, and confidence the comrade of her mother hopes. May all that she endured that I might be for her a joy and pride bring her into a rich heritage. O Father, You hast been merciful through such a mother; may her life never have been lived in vain. Amen.

Written by: Irving Maurer

Book: A Book of Prayers for Boys
Author: Collected and Arranged by Colin Campbell Clements
Publisher: New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014