O LORD, the great Almighty God, You are the giver of life and strength, and of all grace and goodness; without whom we can do nothing; and through whose gracious assistance it is, that we are enabled to do all things belonging to your service and our duty: We humbly pray, that you will be graciously present with us, and powerfully assist us this day, to direct and quicken us in all the ways and duties of your holy service.

O forgive our iniquities, that separate between you and our souls; and remember not the sins against us, which may justly provoke you to hide your face from us. But according to your mercy, remember you us, O Lord, and accept us, and our imperfect services, at the hands, and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

O leave us not to the dullness and hardness, the vanity and deceitfulness of our own depraved hearts: but show the power of your heavenly grace, in working mightily upon these hearts of ours: to bring and keep them in such a holy frame, that we may be fitter to attend upon you, and perform more faithful and acceptable service to you, and enjoy more of that heavenly communion with you, which you have made us capable of; and which our souls will be forever restless without.

O let us not serve you in formality and hypocrisy, making any duties of course the cover of a vain licentious life: But let our hearts and souls, and all that is within us, be taken up in a reverend, faithful and affectionate attendance upon you. Nor let us serve you of constraint, only because we must; but with all readiness and gladness, and love and delight to be so engaged; Making your pleasure to be ours, and the Sabbath and service of our Lord, the joy and solace of our souls.

O help us so to sanctify your day, that your day may be a means to promote the sanctification of our souls. Let us bestow ourselves in exercises benefitting the holy season; and not profane it to any vain and vicious purposes. But on the Lord’s day may we abound in the work of the Lord: and not do our own works, nor mind our own pleasure, nor speak our own words, in the day which you have hallowed for yourself; But rest from all our sinful ways, as well as from our common labors; and so delight ourselves in the Lord, that you may give us the desires of our hearts.

And bless to us your word, O gracious Father, by all the means of grace, which through your favor we do enjoy, that we may not use the same in vain, not to our hurt: but for the informing of our minds, the reforming of our lives, and the saving of our souls; still growing in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; till we attain to be such as your holy word requires, in all holy conversation and godliness.

Great peace have they that love your law, and nothing shall offend them. O Lord, increase our love to your word, which the angels desire to look into; and make our souls pliable and submissive, to be turned and ruled by it, till we become in all things agreeable to it.

Bless us, our Father, and command a blessing upon all our pious designs and performances this day: and bless your servants whom you have appointed to break the bread of life to our souls, that they may speak your word as they ought to speak: and give to everyone their portion in due season. And that your word, which they deliver, may be to our conviction, edification and comfort, and the savor of life to our souls. O’ you that have the key of David, and opens and no man shuts, you that speaks to the heart, and gives the increase, open our understandings to receive your truth, both in the light, and in the love of it. And set it home so powerfully upon our hearts, and root it so deep in our souls, that the fruits may be seen in our lives: We being not forgetful hearers but faithful doers of your word.

And grant, O God, that our services this day may be such, as may tend to our advantage and rejoicing, in the great day of your appearing and glory: That we may so hallow these Sabbaths here upon earth, that hereafter we may be admitted to the Joyful celebration of the eternal Sabbatism in your kingdom of heaven: there, with all the church triumphant, to magnify your glorious name, and to enjoy your love, and sing; your praise forever.

And for the addition of this Sabbath to all the rest, for the benefit of your word, and the ordinances of your worship, and all the means of grace, and hopes of your eternal glory, to you, the God of all grace, be the praise, and honor, and glory rendered by us, and by all thine, from this time forth, and forever. Amen

Book: A New Collection of Family Prayers and Offices of Devotion
Author: Various Jenks, Ven, and Palmer
Publisher Greenfield, Mass; Denio and Phelps 1817