O LORD God Almighty, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, Who has made all things, visible and invisible, the earth, and the sun, and the stars, and the unseen beings in the spiritual world; Who does maintain and rule all the universe by Your power, I bow down myself before You, the Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth. I humbly join myself in adoring You with the holy angels, with the Church at rest, with the Church yet militant here in earth.

Lord, have mercy upon me.

Christ, have mercy upon me.

Lord, have mercy upon me.


O Lord God, I confess my utter unworthiness to approach You. I dare come only in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord; I plead the ransom He paid for me by His Death; I look up in the hope that I may be accepted as partaker of His Life. I cast myself upon the power of His intercession. I pray as He has taught us.


O Lord God most holy, I confess to You with shame all that has been amiss in me during the night past. Pardon, I beseech You, for the Lord Jesus’ sake, all that I have thought or done unworthily of my regeneration, unworthily of my adoption, unworthily of my special calling. Cleanse me, O Lord, by Your Holy Spirit; cleanse me thoroughly and forever. I renounce this day the world, the flesh, and the devil. I throw myself upon You to help me. I desire to give myself wholly unto You, to do all to Your glory.

I thank You, O God, with all my heart, for sustaining my life during the past night, for refreshing sleep, for lengthened time to repent, and renewed strength to serve You. I praise and bless You for continuing to me my reason, my senses, and especially my eyesight; for preserving me from fire, from pain, from distressing thoughts, from evil angels, and from wicked men. I glorify You for Your constant and most kindly care so unremittingly bestowed on me, unworthy as I am, and on all who are dear to me. For the opportunities of serving You which You have deigned to give me, and especially for…; for the indulgences which You have, in Your Fatherly kindness, lavished upon me, especially for the love of those who love me. And above all do I thankfully acknowledge how often You have renewed Your most precious gift of the Holy Spirit to me; and now I beseech You again, O Lord, to strengthen my miserable weakness against all sin during the coming day, and especially against… , to which I am sadly disposed, and most easily tempted. I earnestly desire Your help to beware of all occasions of such sins, to be watchful against the very first signs of temptation, to shrink from all that is unbecoming to my calling, to realize Your holy Presence everywhere and at all times, and to abhor everything which is offensive in Your eyes.

O Lord Jesus, my Master, my Saviour, I desire to be conformed unto You. Make me humble, diligent, steadfast, and persevering. Keep me from being frivolous, vain, ill-tempered, or idle. Give me zeal and discretion, self-denial and cheerfulness, gentleness and earnestness. Fill me with holy thoughts. Endue me with calmness and patience. Give me a single eye to Your service. In all that I have to do let me manifest Your Life living in me. Help me to set aside entirely my own satisfaction, and while acting with courtesy and consideration towards others, never to forget that I am Your servant. Cause me to remember this day the hours of prayer, and enable me to lift up my heart to You in the midst of business or recreation.

O Lord, I humbly commit unto You those for whom I am bound to pray, those I love, those with whom I am associated, or with whom I have to do to-day. Bless my family {my colleagues, my servants, and dependants), and all my friends. Grant unto them whatever good I ask for myself, and supply whatever I forget as You know to be expedient for them.1 Protect me, O Lord, this day from all evil and mischief. Into Your hands I commend myself wholly. Keep me in perfect peace, make me to depend entirely on You. If it seem good unto You to send affliction of body or mind, or to try me with disappointment or failure, or if my way lead this day through the gate of death, I resign myself absolutely to Your Fatherly and most loving Providence. I still cling humbly to You, and to Your love. O heavenly Father, I offer my strength to You this day. Prosper my work, and bring me in peace to the evening. Brighten this day, 0 Lord, with Your favor. Be You above me to support me, before me to guide me, round about me to protect me, within me to strengthen me, after me to forgive me. Now and always. Amen.

I will go forth in the strength of the Lord God.

Book: The Armoury of Prayer
Compiled by: Berdmore Compton
Published by: London: Rivingtons
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014