LORD, You see how I am a soldier for my country and for You. It is Your battle I am in. I feel the thrill of it. You art Yourself a Soldier and a Captain, the Captain of Salvation. I am fighting for the salvation of the world. You will give me help, that I know right well. I, a soldier, come to You, the Soldier, praying for help to be the soldier I ought to be. Help me, my Captain, to be valiant, chaste, considerate, humane, manly, a son not ashamed when he meets his mother and his father when the battle is done, and a soldier not ashamed to meet his God. Bless my dear native land, and help me to fight with valor for its safety, its health, its perpetuity; and if I die fighting, bring me, by Your grace, to Yourself in heaven, I pray in Christ, my Saviour. Amen.


LORD, my Lord, I am a soldier’s wife. You know that without my telling. I just like to say it to my God. It makes me brave to endure separation and the bite of fear to tell God, my God, my husband’s God, that I am a soldier’s wife.

I must be brave, but my tears will come in spite of me. Is that wrong in me, or weak? You know. You will not chide me. You hast made me a woman, and love is so cruel to a woman’s heart. Love hurts so. I love him and want him. You know, but I tell You. How he smiled when he kissed me good-by and called me his “brave darling.” I want him. But, my Father, keep him for me; and if he should die fighting, keep me for him. The time will not be overlong. The parting will end in that sweet meeting in everlasting life. My little daughter and his, I heard saying to a little playmate girl, “My papa is over there and she waved her little hands out across the sea.

I thank You my husband is a soldier for You and for all good things for which Jesus died. I know that some must fight and some must die and that this war for the world’s redemption is an adventure of the lifetime of the world and must be fought to a righteous finale. And in that brave battle my brave husband is.

Keep him Your soldier and my soldier and his little daughter’s soldier and his country’s soldier till the war is over and Right stands victorious with bloody sword ready for the sheath, and keep me a worthy, watching, chaste, and smiling soldier’s wife until that day, I pray in Christ Amen.

Book: The Throne of Grace
Copyright, 1919, by
Published by: New York:The Methodist Book Concern