BLESSED Jesus, I adore You for Your special perfection in being meek and lowly in heart.
When I desire to follow You in this, my pride and my vainglory fight against Your Spirit working in me.
O Lord, my reason tells me that the servant must not be above his Master; and You have commanded that the followers of Him Who washed His disciples’ feet should do as He did to them.
Lord, I would humble myself by accepting other men’s opinion of myself, by recalling with shame my follies and meanness, my weakness and willfulness, my silly obstinacy and blind wickedness, my petty cunning, my conceit, and unbelief in Your eternal truth.
I humbly thank You for the mortifications with which You have lovingly checked my vanity.
I pray You to preserve me from restlessness and ambition, from being puffed up by aspiring thoughts; and to help me to keep a strict watch over myself, my eyes, my words, and my heart; to shun flattery, and to see my own utter unworthiness, picturing to myself what I must be in Your sight.
For Your sake, O Lord, I would be subject to others, and be clothed with humility.
Grant to me this grace henceforward, for Your mercy’s sake. Amen

Book: The Armoury of Prayer
Compiled by: Berdmore Compton
Published by: London: Rivingtons
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014