O FATHER, Who did graciously give Your Son,
Your best beloved, to be a ransom for our sins and food whereby our souls might live.
In Your mercy grant me to prepare for this blest feast, in holy fear;
That I, through faith, in Christ may share,
And heart and soul on Him be fed.
Purge my conscience and my mind,
And wash me thoroughly from my sin,
That when He cometh, Christ may find A vessel sweet and clean within.
Strengthen my faith, my hope enlarge,
And light the fires of perfect love;
Make my erring soul Your own charge;
Hallow my body from above.
Lift up my heart above the sky,
Where Christ dwells, Who bought me dear.
With bread of heaven satisfy;
Give might in love, and faith in fear.
Faith, that You will remember naught against me, for His Passion’s sake
That of all the blessings He has bought by death, I freely may partake.
Faith, that my Lord and God will come to dwell forever in my breast,
His Holy Spirit lead me home To endless joy and heavenly rest.
Then let me never more profane The house where He vouchsafes to be,
Nor by unholy action stain A vessel consecrate to You.

Book: Armoury of Prayer