Glorious Jehovah! You have Your being of Yourself, and Your happiness in Yourself alone. I have my being from You, and my happiness is only in You. It is therefore both my duty and my interest to look unto You, to implore Your favor, and to give unto You the glory due to Your name.

I come to You in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, who is worthy, and depend upon the assistances of Your blessed Spirit to work work in me.

You are good to all, and Your tender mercies are over all Your works; and You are continually doing me good, though I am evil and unthankful. I have rested and am refreshed, when many have been tossed to and fro till the dawning of the day. I have a safe and quiet habitation, while many are forced to wander and lie exposed. One day tells another, and one night certifies to another, that You are good, and never fail those that seek You, and trust in You. I thankfully acknowledge all the mercy and truth You have showed me.

Above all, I bless You for the gifts of Your grace to lost and miserable sinners in and through Your dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. I praise You that, having laid down His life to make atonement for sin, He rose again for my justification, that He might bring in an everlasting righteousness. I bless You that my eyes see the light, and my ears hear the joyful sound of redemption by Him, and of that life and immortality which are brought to light by the gospel. Glory be to God in the highest that there is on earth peace, and good will towards men.

O grant me wisdom and grace, that I may rightly understand the gospel, firmly believe it, and cheerfully obey it; that may be saved and interested in the blessings which it reveals.

Through Him, who was made sin for me, though He knew no sin, let me and all sinners be accepted as righteous. As Christ died for my sins, I pray that I may die daily to them. May I also experience in my soul the power and virtue of His resurrection: May I rise with him from the death of sin to the life of righteousness; from the dust of this world to a holy, spiritual, divine, and heavenly life.

Help me to set my affections on things above, and not on things that are on earth. O that time, and the things of time, may be as nothing to me in comparison with eternity, and its infinite realities! Give me grace, I pray, to look up to the other world with such a holy concern and realizing faith, that I may look down upon this world with a holy contempt and indifference as those that must be here but a little while, and must exist in some unknown region forever.

Give me grace, I pray, to live a life of communion with You, both in providences and ordinances, and a life of dependence upon You; at all times trusting in Your power, providence, and promises, and pouring out my heart before You. Enable me also to live a life of devotedness to You; and of complacency in You. May I set the Lord always before me; aim at Your glory as my highest end; and make religion not only my chief business, but my highest pleasure.

I ask You preserve me in my integrity to my dying day. O may I never forsake or forget You! but with purpose of heart may I cleave unto the Lord, and not count life itself dear to me, so that I may finish my course with honor and joy.

Let Your good providence order all the circumstances of my day, make me wiser and better every day; more weaned from this world, more willing to leave it, and more fit for another and better.

Bless us, O Lord, as a family, with everything suited to our several circumstances. Give me all wisdom to know the duties You have laid out before me and make me faithful in the performance of them. Be gracious to all that are related to me, or connected with me. Pity and relieve the children of affliction, and be a present help to all Your people in every season of distress. To Your providential care we commit ourselves and each other for the day ensuing. Preserve me from every danger, fortify me against every temptation, assist me in every duty, and graciously accept me in Your dear Son; to whom with the Father, and the Eternal Spirit, be glory and praise now and forever. Amen.

Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2014