ETERNAL, ALMIGHTY GOD AND FATHER. I return to You most heartfelt thanks for having, graciously kept me by Your holy angels from all harm and danger of body and soul during this past night and all former times. I ask You, from the innermost depths of my heart, to forgive me for all my sins that I have committed and have ever provoked You. Quicken my heart with Your Holy Spirit, that I may daily grow and increase in Your knowledge. Also grant me grace to guard myself on this day against sin and shame. May I always keep You in my heart and thoughts and to be found walking in accordance with Your divine will And when the hour of my death draws near, and I am to depart, grant, I ask You, that I may fall asleep to eternal life, in the true knowledge of Your dear Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. (1) The Abridged Treasury of Prayers