This is a beautiful Prayer for Memorial Day

Pastor Tommy McDearis

Holy God, today we remember those who sacrificed all to give us much.
We remember them and we lift them high before Your ever watchful eyes.
We remember the mothers, the fathers, the siblings, the wives, the husbands, the children, and the friends whose cheeks were stained with salted tears at the sight of the military chaplain standing at the door … the flag-draped coffin … the triangle fold of the stars and stripes … the sound of a bugle’s mournful call that echoed against the granite rows.
We remember the patriotism that birthed a longing to serve.
We remember the courage that led them forward into a defining moment that transcended the lust for glory.
We remember the ones who went forth into a moment when freedom and liberty were worth more than another breath.
We remember the hallowed earth where their voices were silenced and where their eternal…

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