Almighty and eternal God, by Your providence I am sustained, I, the work of Your hands, and part of Your care, being very sensible of Your goodness to me, am prostrate before You to implore Your mercy and protection for the time to come.

I most humbly ask You to pardon all my iniquities which may hinder Your blessings from descending upon me. I confess, O Lord, that my ingratitude and forgetfulness of You might justly provoke You to leave me to myself. But since You have given me some sense of my faults, I do in all humility, hope and beg, that You will give me Your pardon for my transgressions. O God, to whom I owe all that I have or expect in this world, in whom all my hopes are placed in the next, never rise up in judgment against me. I do not only ask for the pardon of my sins, but for Your grace and powerful assistance; that I may not for the time to come, hazard Your favor and protection, by my future wilful transgressions.

O Lord, do not leave me to myself, for without You I can do nothing that is good. Therefore, to You, I look up for grace to know my duty, for a willing mind to desire to do it, for strength to perform what You require of me, and that You will mercifully pardon my infirmities, and accept my poor, unworthy services.

Accept, O Lord, my vows, which I now renew before You, to renounce the devil and all his works, to believe in You, and serve You faithfully all my days, and as You have excited these holy desires and purposes in my heart. Enable me to perform them constantly in the whole course of my life.

I put myself under Your protection, and ask You to give me grace, that with a humble confidence I may depend upon Your watchful providence, Your guidance and Your blessing.

Seeing that all men’s labors are vain without Your blessing, I ask You to bless me in my several places and callings. Prosper the works of my hands and give me grace, to thankfully accept, and to soberly use, whatever I receive this day by Your hands.

Bless me at home and abroad, and grant that I may walk rightly in Your sight, by being conscience of all my ways. May I deal with others as I myself would be dealt with; that by Your gracious favor and my own endeavors, I may have prosperous success in all things that I undertake.

Give me grace, that I may be innocent and harmless in my conversations, well pleased with the prosperity of all around me, and desirous of the good of all people.

Continue to me, O God, the blessings I already enjoy; make every condition of life, every blessing I receive, everything that befalls me, a means of bringing me nearer to You, and to that happiness which You have prepared for them that love You.

O good God, may I never forget to praise Your infinite goodness, for all the blessings I have or shall receive at Your hands; but let the sense of them create in me a true and lively faith and gratitude, in all holy obedience.

Now I commend myself, my prayers, and all belonging to me, to You, my Creator and Redeemer. I am willing in everything to be disposed of as You see as good. I believe that You order all things for Your honor, and for the good of those that depend upon You as I do, for the blessings of this day.

The same blessings I ask for my friends, for my relations, for my enemies, if such I have, and for all those from whom I have received any kindnesses; for all those who desire my prayers; desiring those mercies for them, which I should ask for myself, were I in their condition.

These and all Your blessings, which You know better to grant than I to ask, graciously give to give me for the worthiness of Your Son, Jesus Christ; in whose most blessed name and words I offer up my wants and petitions, as He Himself has taught me.

My Father, &c.

Book: Christian’s Daily Companion Selected From The Prayers Of Bishops Wilson And Andrews To Which Is Added A Compilation From Palmer’s And Cotterill’s Formularies.
Published By Elijah Weems, For Gabriel Nourse
Edited By: Karrol Sneed 2014