What shall I tender to the Lord, for his mercies renewed to me every morning? I will offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and pay my vows to the Most High.

God accept my most hearty thanks for my preservation and refreshment, for all the blessings of the night past, and of my life past!

Gracious God, my soul possess such a sense of Your goodness to me, and of my dependence upon You for life, health, prosperity and comfort, that it is my delight, as it is my duty and interest, to serve You and obey You. May I do this with a quiet mind, forgive me the sins of which my conscience is afraid, and avert the judgments which I have so justly deserve.

Give me grace, that I may continue in Your fear all the day long. Grant Your favor upon me so that I may live and act faithfully, having You the constant witness of all my thoughts, designs, words and actions. May it be the purpose of my soul never to offend You wilfully.

May Your restraining grace preserve me from the temptations of an evil world, from the frailty and corruption of my own nature, and from the evil principles and practices of the age I live in.

Keep in my heart a sincere love for You and all mankind; and grant that I may have this comfortable and sure proof of Your love abiding in me, that I may study to please You, and to keep Your commandments.

Give me a tender compassion for the wants and miseries of my neighbors. O God, have compassion on me.

In all my ways I acknowledge You. O Lord, direct my paths, and teach me to guide my affairs, my designs, my words and actions with charity, discretion, justice and piety.

Show me the way that I should walk, and give me grace to follow the conduct of Your good spirit, that I may do my duty in that state ,of life in which Your providence has placed me.

Preserve me from an idle and useless life; let me ever remember that the night comes when no man can work, and that now is the time in which to provide for eternity.

Grant, gracious God, that no worldly pleasures, no worldly business, may ever make me lose sight of death, or forget the’ dangers that are around me, or make me forget the serious duties of religion.

Fill my hearts with the dread of the punishment prepared for impenitent sinners, and also with a sense of the blessings which will be the sure reward of all them that love You and obey Your laws.

Hear me, heavenly Father, not according to my imperfect petitions, but according to the full meaning of that holy prayer which Your beloved Son has taught me.

My Father, &c.

Book: Christian’s Daily Companion Selected From The Prayers Of Bishops Wilson And Andrews To Which Is Added A Compilation From Palmer’s And Cotterill’s Formularies.
Published By Elijah Weems, For Gabriel Nourse
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Henry 2014