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GRANT, we earnestly request, Almighty God, this grace to Your people, to wait with all vigilance for the Coming of Your Only-begotten Son. As the Author of our salvation, who taught us to prepare our souls like blazing lamps to meet Him, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord a.

BE to us, O Lord, a crown of glory in the day when You shall come to judge the world by fire; that You may graciously clothe us here with the robe of righteousness, and hereafter with the perfection of a glorious liberty; through Your mercy, &c.f

O CHRIST our God, Who will come to judge the world in the Manhood which You have assumed, we pray for You to sanctify us wholly, that in the day of Your Coming our whole spirit, soul, and body may so revive to a fresh life in You, that we may live and reign with You for everh.

Book: Ancient Collects and Other Prayers
Compiled by: William Bright, M.A.
Publisher: J.H. and Jas. Parker 1862
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed