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LORD, our God, Eternal and Unsearchable;
We reverence Your infinite power, we adore Your unbounded wisdom, we trust Your perfect justice, we rejoice and are glad in Your unfailing love.
We bless You Lord, for Your loving-kindnesses and tender-mercies are beyond comprehension.
God our Father, we are the children of Your care, inspire our hearts with true reverence.
Increase our endurance, that we may ever become more pure and strong.
Increase our affections of You and the Scriptures that will lead  to a clear and steadfast faith.
May our souls be enriched with the gifts of the Spirit; and, receiving much, may we consecrate all to You.
By our labor and our patience, our joy and our hope, our prayers and our tears, change us God
into the glorious image of Yourself; that we may become holy as You are holy.
Your truth is our light, Your righteousness our strength, and
Your love the peace and comfort of our life, for ever more. Amen. — Unknown