I give You thanks, Lord God of my salvation, because You do all things for the good of my life. May I always look steadfastly to You, the Savior and Benefactor of my soul; for You have refreshed me in the night past, and raised me up from my bed, and brought me to worship Your glorious Name.

I earnestly request of You, O Lord, to give me grace and power that I may be accounted worthy to sing praise to You with understanding, and to pray to You without ceasing, in fear and trembling working out my salvation, through the aid of Your Son Jesus Christ.

SHINE into my heart, O loving Master, by the pure light of the knowledge of Yourself; and open the eyes of my mind to the contemplation of Your Evangelic teaching, and put into me the fear of Your blessed commandments; that trampling down all carnal appetites, I may follow a spiritual life, thinking and doing all things according to Your good pleasure. For You are my sanctification and my illumination, and to You I render glory, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever, and to ages of ages’.

0 GOD, Who divides the day from the night, separate my deeds from the gloom of darkness, that ever meditating on things holy, I may continually live in Your light; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

I give You thanks, Holy Lord, Father Almighty, everlasting God, Who has been pleased to bring me through the night to the hours of morning; I pray Lord, grant me to pass this day without sin, so that at eventide I may again give thanks to You; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

LOOK mercifully, 0 Lord, on my morning prayers, and enlighten me with Your healing goodness, even the secrets of my heart; that no dark desires may have possession of those whom the light of heavenly grace has renewed; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

SEND forth, O Lord, I pray, Your light into my heart; that I may perceive the light of Your commandments, and, walking in Your way, may fall into no error; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

0 GOD, Who by the light of Your Word scatters away the darkness of ignorance, increase in my heart the power of faith which You have given; that no temptations may avail to quench the fire which Your grace has caused to be enkindled; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

I earnestly request, O Lord, in Your loving kindness, to pour Your holy light into my soul; that I may ever be devoted to You, by Whose wisdom I was created, and by Whose providence I am governed; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

LET my prayer, O Lord, come before You in the morning. You took upon Yourself my feeble suffering nature; grant me to pass this day in gladness and peace, without stumbling and without stain; that reaching the eventide without any temptation, I may praise You the eternal King: through Your mercy, O my God, Who art blessed, and lives, and governs all things, world without end.

Book: Ancient Collects and Other Prayers
Compiled by: William Bright, M.A.
Publisher: J.H. and Jas. Parker 1862
Revised and Edited by Karrol 2014