“Almighty God! I desire to approach Your sacred presence, blessing and praising Your Holy name, that You have again in the multitude of Your mercies permitted me to see the light of another day of the Son of man.

This is the day which the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. Draw near to me as I draw near to You. Inspirer of all good thoughts! You preoccupy my souls with Yourself. May I walk all the day under the sunshine of Your gracious countenance, and experience the blessedness of nearness to my covenant God and Father in Christ.

“Your favor is life. Compared with this, all other happiness is shadowy and vain. Nothing but the conscious possession of Your own infinite love can satisfy the longings of my immortal spirits. Whom have I in the heavens, O God, but You; and there is none in all the earth that my soul would desire beside You. “I draw near to Your footstool, under a deep sense of my unworthiness. I reflect with shame and confusion of face on unrequited love, on rejected kindness, on resisted warnings, on unimproved providence’s. For Jesus’ sake, have You mercy upon me. I bring my guilt to the great propitiation. I bring the burden to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. “I disown all other grounds of confidence – all other plea for mercy.

I would stake my eternal all on the ever living and exalted Redeemer! Seal to me a sense of pardon. Give me the renewed pledge that You are loving me with an everlasting love. May I see this day Your glory, as I have seen You before within Your Holy Temple. May I be enabled to pitch my tents near the gate of Heaven. May my manifold privileges issue in my more complete sanctification. May I attain greater heavenly mindedness, greater weanedness from earth, greater singleness of eye to Your glory.

May every temporal mercy which gladdens my lot be sweetened and hallowed, and endeared by the thought that it comes to me through Jesus. May blessings and trials, comforts and crosses, health and sickness, joy and sorrow, bring me only nearer to Him, and rebound to the glory of His great name.

Subdue whatever is in me that is inconsistent with His mind and will. Put a sanctified restraint on my thoughts; repress all vain imaginations; crucify every lingering sin. May my hearts become holy temples, and my lives living sacrifices. May the incense and fragrance of a sanctified walk and obedience be known and seen of all men. Fit me for glory. Let my eye be ever upward, and heavenward, and Godward.

Let eternity exercise a more commanding influence over me. May I grow in more meek and child-like submission to my Heavenly Father’s will. Breathing a perpetual Sabbath spirit on earth, may I be fitted for that rest which shall never be broken, which awaits me in the Kingdom of the Redeemed. “I pray for all who are to minister to me this day. Give them an unction from the Holy One. May they be valiant for the Truth. May they hide themselves behind an exalted Savior; and may every impression on the minds of those who hear, be rendered permanent and saving.

Bless me, even me, O God, who is now kneeling at Your footstool. As You have knitted me together in the same earthly ties, do You unite me in the better bonds of the everlasting covenant. Make me a partaker of the resurrection-life and of Your kingdom.

I pray for the poor, the afflicted, the bereaved, and the dying. O You comforter of all that are cast down, heal their sorrows, bind up their wounds. To the friendless, prove to be a friend. In the multitude of their thoughts within them, may Your comforts delight their souls.

“I commend my friends, and all belonging to me, implicitly to Your Sovereign care. May the pillar of Your presence go continually before them.

“I commit myself to Your care, May the Lord God this day be to me a sun and shield. May the Lord give grace and glory, and withhold from me nothing that He sees to be truly good. And all that I ask is for Jesus’ sake.” Amen.

Book: Prayers for Public Worship, Private Devotion, Personal Ministry
Author: Abbie C. Morrow
Published by: New York: M. E. Munson 1902
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014