ALMIGHTY and Everlasting God, our Creator, Preserver, and Benefactor, at the beginning of another day, we, Your unworthy servants, desire again to commend ourselves to Your Fatherly care. We praise You for the safety and comfort of the past night, and adore You for all the mercies which we again experience this morning. May we to whom You have thus graciously renewed Your blessings cheerfully renew the dedication of ourselves to Your service, for Yours we are and You we ought to serve. With prayer and watchfulness may we enter upon the duties of life, trusting to Your goodness to preserve us from those accidents to which our bodies are exposed, and to defend us from those temptations which our souls are as yet too weak to resist.

You, 0 God, have ordained labor to be the lot of man and know the necessities of Your creatures ; bless, we beseech You, our various undertakings and employments, and further them with Your continual help. May the thought that Your Presence accompanies us whithersoever we go restrain us from all sin, and the happy conviction that Your favor encompasses us as a shield, fill us with a cheerful confidence in doing our appointed work; and thus may we obtain in all our undertakings such success as will best promote Your glory and the salvation of our own souls.

Once again we entreat Your pardon for all our sins, known and unknown, and pray that they may all he blotted out through the effectual Atonement made upon the Cross by Your Blessed Son. Once again, at the same time we implore also the sanctifying and comforting influences of the Holy Spirit. May He enlighten our blind understandings, and strengthen our feeble knees, that we may walk on steadily in the way that leads to eternal life. While we sojourn as strangers and pilgrims upon earth, may He enable us ever to look to Heaven as our rest, and while we are travelling towards it as our only proper home, may He be our guide and comforter in all our ways.

To these prayers, for ourselves, we would add our humble intercessions in behalf of others. Bless the Church, of which it is our privilege to be members, and the nation in which it is our lot to live. May peace and prosperity be granted to the one, and may the other exhibit a continually increasing number of real devoted servants of Jesus Christ. Bless our dear relatives and friends according to their several necessities, especially any who are suffering under sickness, sorrow, or any other affliction, and grant moreover, we humbly beseech You, that the children of this family may grow in grace as they grow in years, and may finally be partakers of Your Heavenly Kingdom.

Favorably with mercy hear our prayers, praises, and intercessions, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A Manual Of Family And Occasional Prayers

Rev. William Sinclair, M.A., Incumbent Of St. George’s, Leeds

London: J. Hatchard & Son, 187, Piccadilly: Hamilton, Adams, And Co., Paternoster-Row And T. Harrison, Leeds. 1854.