DEAR GOD of love, my Friend, my Master, my King, my Christ, will You not grant me this greatest and best of gifts, even Your own nature? You alone can give it, and it is dear to me because it comes from You. O, in the ways of my life which are often strange and hard, will You not cause Your love to shine forth, that I may see and understand? Come and breathe over the past, and wash away all that I tremble to remember, all the follies and failures of past years. Inspire me with courage that I may do my work and live my life for You and by You, whether men praise or blame. Make me, Christ of love, a victor in the battle, a conqueror in the strife, a child of Yours having but one allegiance and one desire, but one end and one purpose, that I may love You as You have loved me. May Your love so work in me and by me that the world may profit by my life, and the hearts of men be drawn to You. I ask it for Your own dear sake. Amen.

Book: Prayers for the Quiet Hour
Author: Floyd W. Tomkins, S.T.D., LL.D.
Publisher: United Society of Christian Endeavor 1910
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Henry ©2014