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O YOU HOLY AND FAITHFUL GOD, Heavenly Father, I glorify, honor and magnify You from the inmost of my heart that You did suffer me to rest and sleep in safety this past night, and did, in Your paternal love, again awaken me refreshed and in health.

I heartily ask You that You would graciously preserve me together with all devout Christians, this day and at all times, from every ill and danger of body and soul, that I may each day be found to walk in Your way.

I, therefore, commend my body and soul, my heart, mind, and thoughts, all my meditation and imagination, my sitting and lying down, my going-in and coming-out, my life and death, in fine, all I am and do, to Your divine protection.

Your holy angel be and remain with me, that I meet with no harm in body or soul.

Grant this, I ask You, for Christ Jesus, Your beloved Son’s sake. Amen.