0 LORD my God, Who alone foresees and bestows all the things needful for my salvation. Bestow, I pray, on the souls of my family, Your church and myself the hearty desire of imploring Your mercy, and graciously give us what will be for our good; through Jesus Christ my Lord*.

I earnestly request of You, 0 Lord, to graciously give me an unceasing perseverance in praying to You; that as You do not forsake me when I am bowed down in tribulation, so You may cherish me with more abundant grace when I continually earnestly request Your Majesty in prayer; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

I earnestly request You, 0 Lord, to govern the hearts of Your faithful servants; and that they may, by Your willingness to give freely, obtain Your good things, grant first of all that their own wills may be good; through Jesus Christ my Lord.

Book: Ancient Collects and Other Prayers
Compiled by: William Bright, M.A. Publisher: J.H. and Jas. Parker 1862