You, O Christ, are all we want and need. O Bread of life, of which we may eat and hunger no more; O great Physician, able to heal all our diseases and save to the uttermost those who put their trust in You; O great and good Shepherd, who assures us that He knows His own and will lead all to that eternal fold whence they shall go no more out forever; O You light to illuminate the darkness; O You true, lasting, tried, sympathetic, all-knowing and all-wise friend, who sticks closer than any brother; O You cleanser from sin and deliverer from its captivity; O Resurrection and the life; O You mighty Advocate with God through whom blessings come to us from the chalice of God’s grace—come to us in these varied and manifold ministries in which You meet us in every possible exigency of life, or death, as the very friend we need.  In Your dear name, we ask it. Amen.

Before the Throne
by George Darsie
Cincinnati; The Standard Publishing Company
Copyrighted 1914
Revised and Edited by Karrol Sneed 2014