Our Father which art in heaven, I thank You for the gift of life which I received from You afresh this morning. It is You that has made us, and not we ourselves, and to You alone do we owe the renewal of our strength from day to day. Help me therefore always to feel, 0 Lord, that I am not my own, but Yours. Grant, 0 my Father, that today I may walk steadfastly in the way of Your commandments. Create within me a loving heart of obedience. Inspire me with the childlike spirit which every moment watches for the signs of Your good pleasure, and runs to do Your holy bidding. Wherever I can trace any one of the laws that You have laid down, may I hasten to submit to it my selfish, restless nature; and thus may I be filled with the peace which passes understanding, and which the world can neither give nor take away. My Father, I confess with sorrow how many times I have strayed from Your path. I am bowed down with shame in looking back on the waywardness and the rebelliousness of my past days. But claim me, I pray, again as Your own child. Pour into me this morning that love of You which will bring my will into harmony with Yours. Speak, Lord, and Your servant will hear. Give strength to me, and I shall faithfully follow Your teaching.

0 grant unto me not only a childlike obedience, but also a childlike trust. May I rest upon You, and depend on Your guidance through the unknown temptations and trials of the day which is now opening. Lord God! the events of the coming hours lie in Your hand. Help me always to believe that they are lovingly ordered by You, that You know and mark my path, and that again, as in the times that are gone, my strength shall be equal to my day.

My Father, I beseech You also to fill me with right feelings towards Your other children. Make* me to know in my inmost soul what it is to love my neighbor as myself. Subdue in me all selfish strivings; destroy all self-exalting aims. Melt away all the separating feelings which hinder that simple brotherhood that You intend for us. Lord, I lay down before You the powers which You have bestowed on me, and I pray for You to use them this day through me for any work which You will should be done—for the good and happiness of Your children. Thankfully will I seize every occasion of kindliness, glad to be Your unworthy organ and instrument in forwarding Your all-gracious will.

Lord God, accept these my prayers, in Your great mercy. Do not be far from me through the day. Uphold and comfort me with Your spiritual presence. May I obey Your holy laws, lean on Your faithful providence, and live in continual lovingness, till the evening shades have fallen, and I lie down again to rest under Your tender care. Bless me now and evermore, 0 my Creator and my heavenly Guide. Amen.

Alone To The Alone Prayers For Theists,
By Several Contributors
Edited, With A Preface, By Frances Power Cobbe.