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O Lord God, You know all things. You see me by night as well as by day; and are acquainted with all my words, and with all my thoughts.

Make me thankful for all the mercies I have received this day, and every day of my life; and may I ever consider You as the great author of all the good things I enjoy.

Bless all my friends and relations. May they be continually under Your protection and care. Make me affectionate towards them. May I love them for their kindness to me.

Pardon whatever You have seen amiss in my temper or behavior this day, and take me under Your care and protection this night. While I am asleep let nothing terrifying or destructive befall me; but may I rest in security beneath the shadow of Your wings, and awake in the morning refreshed with the repose of the night.

As I pass from one day to another, may Your grace enable me to serve and honor you in this world; and I entreat You to receive me at last into Your glorious presence in heaven, through Jesus Christ, who died to save me from sin and ruin. Through him to You be honor and praise forever. Amen

Book: The Youth’s Prayer Book
Author: John Gorham Palfrey
Publisher: Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014