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O H0LY, blessed Lord God, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, Who dwells in light eternal, I Your wearied servant again humble myself before You.

I glorify You for Your Fatherly love and goodness to me this day. I humbly thank You for sparing me from evil, I have provoked. For shielding me from accident, and infection, and countless dangers. For guarding me in various temptations; for guiding me in difficulties; for rescuing me and others from the consequences of my follies; for keeping me back from outrageous crimes, and from sins which readily beset me; for turning away much mischief which my negligence, or carelessness, or indolence might have caused. {Especially I thank You for…)

I desire to confess to You, O Lord, whatever evil I have done this day in thought, word, and deed; whatever duty I have left undone, whatever I have done defectively or badly towards You and towards men. Help me, O Lord, to discover my faults. Let the light of Your holiness now search out my heart1…

O Lord perfect in me an abiding repentance. Pardon all my sins for the sake of Your own bitter death and sufferings. Restore me to Your favor, reconcile me, sanctify me wholly. Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit, with the joy of Your salvation.

Lord, I humbly desire that the lifting up of my hands this day may be set forth before You as the evening sacrifice. In union with Your Son Jesus, I desire to do Your will Father.  In union with the offerings of the whole Church this day may our sacrifice of praise be a sweet savor to You O God.  I desire most humbly to offer my feeble service to You for You know how much I have fallen short of what I ought to have done for You, how I have failed in trying to do good to others. O Lord, correct, refine, perfect my service to You, fuse it into the united service of Your Church, perfume it with Your holy intercession. O You Who are touched with the feeling of my infirmities, Who will not be extreme to mark what is done amiss, mercifully overlook the sad mixture of my motives, separate from those of Yours.  Accept the little that was done for You and make me love You more, and serve You better!

I most humbly commit to You, O God, this night, all my cares and anxieties, all my designs and desires. Protect me from fire, from pain and sickness, from evil men and evil spirits. To my weariness graciously give rest, both of body and mind. Renew my strength by wholesome sleep. Your holy will be done in me this night, only keep me from sin, from fear, from idle thoughts, from discomposure of spirit Let’ me not in my dreams, or in my waking thoughts, imagine what may anger You.  Raise me up, if it please You, refreshed and purified for tomorrow. I desire, O Lord, to consecrate my bed to holy thoughts, to shut out the world, to cast all my cares on You. Prepare me for my long rest in the grave; accustom me even now to be at peace when alone with You and with myself.  I commend to You all for whom I should pray, especially those I love best… Grant to them all that I have asked for myself, and whatever else You know to be good for them.


I will lay me down in peace and take my rest, for it is You, Lord, only that makes me dwell in safety. Amen.

Book: The Armoury of Prayer
Compiled by: Berdmore Compton
Published by: London: Rivingtons
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014