O Lord and Heavenly Father, I acknowledge Your great goodness to me, in sparing me when I deserved punishment; in giving me the necessaries of this life, and setting before me the happiness of a better.

O merciful God, pardon my offenses, correct and amend what is amiss in me; that as I grow in years I may grow in grace, and the nearer I come to my latter end the better I may be prepared for it.

“In the midst of life we are in death:” Lord grant that these thoughts may make me careful how to live, that I may escape the bitter pains of eternal misery.

Take from me all ignorance, hardness of heart, and too much care for things of this life’.

Make me of an household fearing You, O God, submitting myself to Your good pleasure, and putting my whole trust in Your mercy.

Give me a true knowledge of myself, of the corruption of my nature, and the necessity of Your gracious help to save me from ruin. May the Spirit of Christ ever live and rule in me; possess my soul with a sincere love of You, O God, with an earnest desire of pleasing You and a great dread of offending You.

Deliver me, O God, from the sin that doth most easily beset me; from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and pride of life; from all unprofitable and sinful thoughts; from lying lips and a deceitful tongue; from an uncharitable heart and inconstant mind.

Pity my infirmities, and help me to overcome them; keep me from forsaking You for the time to come, that death may never overtake me unprepared.

So teach me to number my days, that I may apply my hearts to wisdom; that I may consider in this my day the things that belong to my peace, for I am myself ere long to die.

Let Your good spirit ever be with me, to direct and rule my hearts, keep me from falling, and to present me blameless before the presence of Your glory.

Remember, O’ merciful God, my friends, my relations, and all Your servants, that they may be made partakers of the same blessings which I ask for myself.

Forgive all that have injured me, and forgive my many offenses against You and against my neighbors.

Graciously give to me an interest in all the prayers of the faithful that have been offered up this day to the throne of grace.

Bless, I ask You, all those whom Your providence has set over me, whether in church or state.  Give me grace to obey them for conscience sake.

And finally, I ask You to give me grace, that I may lead and end my life in Your faith and fear, and grant that when I depart this life, I may dwell with You in life everlasting.

Hear me, O God, for the sake of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom with You and the Holy Ghost, be present and everlasting praises.

Let the following prayer be frequently used both in public and private devotions by all parents.

You parents bring up Your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

O God, the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, for his sake bless my children with healthful bodies and understanding souls and sanctified hearts. Keep them from all dangers and sad accidents. Let Your grace preserve them from the temptations of an evil world, and may I never be wanting in any part of my duty towards them, but instruct them in the faith and duties of a Christian life: may I teach them the true religion, convince them of their faults, and correct them In reason and love. O God, be their Father, their guide, their portion in this world and the world to come. Amen.

Book: Christian’s Daily Companion
Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2014