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The day is past and gone, The evening shades appear; O, may we all remember well The night of death draws near.

We lay our garments by, Upon our beds to rest; So death will soon disrobe us all Of what we here possess.

And if we early rise, And view the unwearied sun May we set out to view the prize And after glory run.

And when our days are past, And we from time remove, O may we in Your bosom rest The bosom of Your love!


O You, incomprehensible Lord God, to whose sight all things are naked and open ; and who knows the state and character of every individual before You, let not any of us approach You with our lips, while our hearts are estranged from Your grace and love ; but enable us under a deep conviction of our guilt and helplessness, to draw nigh unto You in faith and hope pleading the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, who ever lives to make intercession for us.

Without this way of access into Your presence, we could not presume to lift up our eyes unto You. But encouraged by the revelation of mercy in Christ, we desire to take shelter in Him, acknowledging that there is salvation in no other. Help us not only to discern His personal glory, and to confess before man that He is our Lord and our God. Likewise let us stand in assurance of His mediatorial fullness, who was made sin for us, that we might be made righteous in him. Help us cordially so resign ourselves to his gracious authority and wise dispensations, making him the sole object of our faith and hope, and yielding ourselves to the guidance of his word and providence.

Look down O Lord in mercy upon Your whole church. May it be established, strengthened, and settled in the faith of the everlasting gospel. Carry on the work of Your grace among the children of men; let such as shall be saved be added daily to Your church ; send forth the glad tidings of great joy to Heathen and Mohamedan lands; regard in mercy Your own ancient people Israel, and hasten the time when the wilderness shall be turned into the garden of the Lord; when all flesh shall see the salvation of our God.  Now O heavenly Father, while we bless You for all the mercies of the past day, we beseech You to renew Your mercies to us, and to spread Your protecting wings around us during the dark and silent hours of the night; and should it please You to raise us up in health and safety to see the light of another day, lift up also the light of Your countenance upon us, that we may walk before the Lord in the light of the living.” Our Father,” &c.

Book: The Bible Prayer Book for Family Worship
Author: Br. W. W. Everts
Publisher: Ivison & Phinney 1855
Revised by: Karrol Sneed 2014