Great and Mighty God we come on the 1st day of the New Year to praise You in this place.  We lift up our hands to give You all the glory and praise for Who You are and what You have done.  O God how can we, Your creation do anything but humbly bow before You in reverence and holy fear.

Lord as we enter upon this New Year we commit ourselves to Your faithful care and keeping.  Give us the grace to love You with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.  May we live without fear, love our neighbors as ourselves, and live without reproach.  Let our strength be in You.  Grant that nothing we encounter through Your sovereign will have the power to turn us aside from doing Your holy will through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We pray that You will be our guide upon the journey through this New Year.  Lord we ask You to reveal Your will for our lives throughout this year, not letting our going out or coming in be apart from Your holy ways.  Lord our hearts desire is to walk as Jesus walked here in this time and place.  Let our walk be separate from the walk of the worldly O God of heaven and earth.

God we ask that You let this year be a year of healing and restoration for the broken hearted, the sick, the lame, the prisoner and the nations.  Let the words of Your people be words of life, hope and joy.

Open the mouths and hearts of Your people to spread the good news this year so that the field that is white for harvest might be brought into the family in which we so heartily rejoice in being a member of.

God be with the anointed ministers, deacons, teachers and missionaries this year may they see great fruition from their endeavors. May their labors be multiplied seventy times seventy.  May the teachers work diligently to study and teach the New Believers that are just now coming to know Your Son as their Savior.  God don’t let them be led astray be false teaching or even worse no teacher at all.

God please let Your Word abound in all the nations.  Do not let it be hid under a basket but let it shine forth brightly even though many seek to distinguish the light of Your Son Jesus.  Let us not be ashamed to stand up and proclaim His Name before all the people of all the nations of this world.

God we thank You for all the many blessing You have given us in the past year.  Now we give thanks for what we know is to come in our future.

May You be praised now and forever in Jesus Name Amen.

Karrol 2015