O God, the infinite eternal Spirit; most perfect in power, wisdom and goodness; though mortal eyes cannot behold You, nor any created understanding comprehend You, You are ever present with me, and see the secrets of my heart. All my sins, and all my wants, are known to You: But You wisely require my confessions, as the exercise of my repentance, and my petitions and thanksgivings, as the expressions of my desires, dependence and gratitude. I confess my unfitness for such conversation with You. O God, whose mercy invites miserable sinners to come to You, by the new and living way; meet me not in Your justice, as a consuming fire, but accept me in Your righteous and beloved Son.

You, who are the creator of all things, made me in Your image, to know, love and serve You. But sin has corrupted all my powers.-and perverted them from the ends for which I was made.

I ought to have served You with my whole hearts, and to have employed my time, my thoughts, my tongue, and all my powers, for Your glory and the good of men. But alas! I have often trifled in Your worship, and hypocritically served You with my lips alone, and have taken Your dreadful name in vain. My thoughts have been guilty of vanity, folly, and impurity; my tongues, of idle, wrathful, and injurious words. I have not loved my neighbors as myself, nor have I sought each other’s welfare, temporal or spiritual, with that zeal and affection which my relationship to others, and Your love to me required. I have unprofitably abused Your talents, and done but little good in the world, in comparison with what I might have done.

Though Your wonderful mercy has given me a Redeemer, and in Him such a remedy for my sins, as is the astonishment of men and angels, I have been chargeable with unbelief, and a stupid neglect of this great salvation.

But deal with me, O Lord, not according to what my actions deserve, but according to my necessity, and Your great goodness. Where my sin has abounded, let Your grace much more abound.

There is enough in the merit of Your Son’s obedience and sacrifice to expiate my guilt, and justify penitent believers in Your sight. I would therefore encourage myself in the Lord my God, and cheerfully rely upon Your pardoning mercy. And while in the exercise of faith, I earnestly implore the forgiveness of my past sins, I desire cheerfully to return to You, in the way of my duty, and humbly give up myself to You as my God, my Father, my Savior, and my Sanctifier; asking You to receive me upon the terms of Your covenant of grace. Renew and sanctify me by Your Spirit. Take away from me the heart of stone, and give me a heart of flesh. Impart to me a divine and heavenly nature, and transform me into the image of Your holiness. Enable me to devote myself, and all that You give me, entirely to You as Your own. Bring all the powers of my soul and’ body into a full subjection to Your government.

Shed abroad Your love in my heart, by the power of the Holy Ghost. Show me more of Your infinite goodness and perfections, and the wonderful mercy which You has given me in Christ. Let the beams of Your love so fire my breast, that I may love You with all my heart and soul, with all my mind and strength. May I taste the beginning of the felicity of heaven; where I shall love You more than I can now desire or conceive.

Give me more of the spirit of adoption; possess me with all childlike affections towards You as my reconciled God and Father in Christ. Teach me to make You my ultimate end, and to seek Your glory in all I do. Let Your exceeding love and mercy to me, engage me to love others, to love all mankind, and even my enemies themselves. May I ever be ready to pardon the injuries I may receive, and to do good to all, to the utmost of my power.

Keep me, I ask You, from everything in my words and actions by which I should dishonour Your name, and grieve Your Spirit. Quicken and animate me in every duty, whether personal, relative, or divine. Help me to spend this transitory life in a diligent preparation for death and eternity. Let my heart and my conversation be in heaven. Be with me through all the changing scenes of life and O forsake me not in my last extremity, but give me hope in a dying hour, and take my departing spirit to be with Christ.

Set up Your glory, O Lord, above the heavens, and let Your name be sanctified in all the earth. Convert the heathen and infidel world to the faith of Your Son. Give wise and upright rulers to the nations; and let the gospel of Jesus go forth as the sun, to enlighten the whole world. Reform the churches which are dark and corrupt. Cast down that tyranny and ungodliness which keeps out knowledge, holiness, and peace. Preserve and bless the reformed churches, especially in these United States. Make my rulers faithful to their trust, that they may seek the true prosperity of their country. Teach my teachers. Give all Your churches able and faithful pastors, and abundant success in their labors, that their hearers may be fruitful in knowledge and holiness, peace and charity.

Bless all the members of this family, together with all that are near and dear to me, both in body and soul; and help us to serve each other in love. I thankfully acknowledge Your Fatherly goodness manifested to me this day. Be pleased to continue it through the night watches. Give me such rest of body and mind as may fit me for the duties of the day ensuing. I ask all in the name of Jesus Christ my only Savior and Mediator. Amen.

Book: Christian’s Daily Companion
Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2014