O Almighty and everlasting God, who is exalted far above all blessing and praise, and yet humblest Yourself to the prayers of Your unworthy servants, be present, I earnestly request You, with us, who are now met together in Your name.

Another day is taken from the sum of our lives: give us grace to remember that we are so much nearer to our latter end; and fill us with a true repentance for all the sins and follies of our past lives.

Grant that the opportunities which may yet be vouchsafed to us, may be improved by us to the purposes of our Christian calling: make us day by day more serious, diligent and devout.

By all the dispensations of Your providence, whether of good or evil, bring us nearer to Yourself; and make us Yours, through Jesus Christ, in heart and affections.

Quicken us in the pursuit of heavenly things and make us faithful in the discharge of every appointed duty; serving You with sincerity of heart, and doing to all men as I would have them do to me.

Subdue in us, by. the power of Your grace, every evil affection; and make our conversations to be such as becomes the people of the Lord.

Direct, sanctify, and govern both our hearts and bodies in the ways of Your laws, and in the works of Your divine commandments.

Let neither pleasure, nor profit, nor anger, nor fear, make us forget the very least of Your commandments; but increase in us more and more all the Christian graces and virtues.

Receive our humble prayers for all conditions of men: grant that all, who confess Your holy name, may live in unity and love.

We earnestly request You, show forth the power of Your grace, by enlightening those that are in darkness, and by converting those that are in sin.

Endue all orders and degrees of men amongst us, with those virtues, which may be most conducive to Your honor and glory, and to the good of Your Church and people.

We commend to Your fatherly goodness all our relations and friends; beseeching You to take them and us into Your holy keeping this night, and to prepare us, both in soul and body, to serve You faithfully another day.

Grant that we may go to rest this night in charity with all men; and give us time and grace to make our peace with You, through Jesus Christ, before we go hence and be no more seen.

Hear us, O Lord, for Your dear Son’s sake, and answer us according to the Spirit of that prayer which He has taught me:

My Father …

The grace of my Lord, ….

Book: Manual of Family Prayers Compiled by: C.J. Blomfield, D.D. Publisher: New York Protestant Episcopal Tract Society 1829