0 THOU who are not only my God, but also my Father, I thank You that You encourage me to draw near to You as Your child. 0 give me a Father’s blessing.

You are acquainted with all my wants. Every trial, every sorrow, every craving of my heart, is known to You. I am weak; do You strengthen me. I am poor; do You enrich me. I come to You in all my emptiness; fill me out of Your fullness. Give me all that I need, and more than I dare to ask. Give me, not according to my worthiness, but according to my necessity, and according to the abounding riches of Your grace.

And, O God, You knows likewise all my sins. Make me to know them also, and to feel their greatness. Call to my remembrance all that is past. Show me where I have been wrong. Bring to light my hidden iniquities. I acknowledge the guilt of my evil thoughts, my unholy desires, my secret transgressions. Pardon me, 0 my Father, for Jesus’ sake. Blot out my sins in that precious blood which was shed for me on the cross. Take away this heart of stone, and give me a heart of flesh — a tender, believing, loving heart.

0 Lord, help me to live nearer to You day by day. Keep me under the blessed influence of Your Holy Spirit. Make me to be constantly growing in grace. Forgetting those things which are behind, may I be ever pressing towards the prize of my high calling. Give me grace to crucify self, to keep under my body, and to bring my thoughts and desires and will into subjection to You.

Take me, 0 my God, under Your gracious care this night. Refresh me with sleep and rest. Let Your fatherly hand ever be over me. Let Your Holy Spirit ever be with me. Make

me to feel safe and happy under Your protection.

Bless, 0 Lord, those who are near and dear to me. Give unto them all that I have asked for myself. If any of them are at this time in sorrow, do You comfort them. If in doubt or difficulty, do You guide them. Those of them who are still afar off from You, do You bring near. And to those who know and love You, give more and more of Your grace.

Hear me, 0 my Father; and give me an answer of peace to these my prayers, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

Prayers for Private Use by Rev. Ashton Oxenden