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Our heavenly Father: We thank You that we do not have to force ourselves to think of You. We thank You that You are a part of our every thought. When we want You, You are art not far from every one of us. When we turn away from You, we are quickly reminded of Your presence. We thank You that You are art with us, sometimes most impressively, when we are trying hardest to be alone. We thank You that, whatever our need, we have found recourse in You. Whenever we have been in moods like those of little children, we have found refuge in You as a parent. Whenever we have been stricken or smitten with the heavier sorrows or stripes that fall to the lot of older men and women, we have found comfort and healing in You. Whenever we have been most confident and inclined to arrogance, we have presently been reproved and corrected by finding that, at our utmost, we are still limited by the thought of God. We come to You now as men and women charged each with a part of the work of the world. Compared with Your eternity, we are creatures of a moment. Compared with Your providence and resources, we are futile. Yet among our fellow-men, for the brief space of our working years, we are trustees. To each of us is committed some important task, perhaps tasks of several different kinds. Your will is to be done through us, perhaps in more than one way. Will You then, enable us to see our service, which might otherwise seem trivial and irksome, in such light as part of thy design that it may be glorified. With every enlargement and enrichment of our thoughts about the meaning of life, may we increase in ability to think of You, and to act toward You, as the Master Workman, the Architect of time and eternity, with a place in Your infinite plan for the best that each of us can perform. Especially may we learn to traceYour purpose, not apart from the human beings with whom we live and move, but first and foremost in everything that we can understand about possibilities of edifying one another’s lives. In the fellowship of Him who discovered the Heavenly Father as the Eternal Worker. AMEN.

A Prayer for Guidance Source: The Biblical World, Vol. 45, No. 5 (May, 1915), p. 298
Published by: The University of Chicago Press
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