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LORD, help me to pray. Make me  faithful in the stated times of prayer; but oh, more than that, so breathe upon my heart a love and longing for You, so make me to feel my constant need of You, so burden me with the needs of this lost world, that I shall pray without ceasing; that the blessed background of all my thinking, the state to which my soul returns at every moment of leisure, shall be You.

O God, my good Father; Jesus my Savior and the Lover of my soul; the Holy Spirit the blessed Comforter, help me when I pray not only to talk to You, but to expect You to talk to me. Help me to listen. Grant that even on earth, Lord, the heavenly blessings of constant communion with You.

1 Thess. 5:17. Jno. 14:16.

Some Little Prayers by Lucy Rider Meyer (1907)