Do I not fill heaven and earth? said the Lord.’ — Jer. xiii.24.

O LORD JEHOVAH, Your power and wisdom know no bounds ; You are present everywhere and at all times; You sustain the universe. And as Your glorious perfections have been ever the same before time and space were assigned their limits, so when time itself shall cease, they will remain imperishable throughout eternity.

When I reflect on Your infinite, incomprehensible nature, and the constant changes in myself, in others, and in all things surrounding me ; and that since the world was created, day has followed day, distinguished only by the endless variety of those events which marked its progress, while You alone have been unmoved, unaltered, and immutable; I am unable to express the wonders of Your glorious Majesty and might. Earth, air, and sea, are Your unmeasured repositories of refreshment and joy; and every season speaks to us, in varied language of Your unexhausted bounties. How incomprehensible is Your mercy, how amazing Your condescension, when You regard the smallest wants of the means of Your people, and are never weary of hearing-their supplications, and of pouring Your abundant benefits on them.

On Your mercies in Christ Jesus, O eternal God, I trust for grace to serve You acceptably this day. May the Spirit of Truth guide me into all truth, and keep my thoughts pure and holy. May Your sustaining care be my confidence and safeguard. And may I be watchful in following our blessed Savior, as He has given us his own perfect example.

Lord, mercifully preserve me from being more occupied with the enjoyment of Your good things, than with the abiding remembrance of Your bounty in bestowing them; and enable me to derive new lessons of divine instruction from all I behold, which may render me more humble and more holy, more contented and more thankful. O guide my steps under all circumstances ; keep me from falling; and suffer me neither to abuse Your gifts nor to forget the giver. Instruct me in a truer sense of my unfaithfulness, that I may grieve over the eagerness wherewith I have sought my chief pleasure in the vanities of a changing world. Turn my designs to nobler purposes, and my desires to more satisfying joys; and send strength and courage equal to every day of trial.

Holy Father, never leave me nor forsake me ; but bring me to Your eternal kingdom, for Jesus sake. Amen.

Brief Prayers For Travellers
Thomas Brittain Vacher.
Rev. William Conway, M.A.,
London: Hatchard & Co. 187 Piccadilly.