0 God who hears prayer, give me a prayerful spirit, and draw my heart into a true communion with You. It is not by my words that my thought is known to You, for You see my inmost heart, You know my most secret desire. 0 may Your law so rule within me, that these thoughts, these desires, may be as a true prayer, raising me to a nearer union of spirit with You, and preparing me to receive the blessings which only You canst send.

Help me, 0 Heavenly Father, to make my life a true offering of devotion. May gratitude for every joy, patience under every trial, and diligence in my daily work, be the willing service of my heart and hand. And by all my experience may the treasure of my spiritual life be increased. 0 shew me how I may share with others the good gifts which You hist entrusted to me not for myself alone. May there shine even in my life some faint reflection of the infinite wisdom and perfect love of Your providence. Keep me in the sacred bond of fellowship with Your children of every nation and in every age. Touch me with a deep pity for the sinful, with tender sympathy for the tried and sorrowful. Save me from the evil of a cold and selfish or a careless spirit.

Finding You in everything that is true and fair and good, may my earthly home ever become more dear to me. Loving it for what there is in it of heaven, may I be ready when You call me to leave it, trusting still to Your guidance, secure in the shelter of Your love.

0 help me, Father, to live in the light of a faith and hope like this. Fix my heart on heaven and heavenly things. Teach me the true meaning and purpose of my life. Help me to live in the spirit of my prayer.

Book: Alone To The Alone Prayers For Theists, Edited, With A Preface, By Frances Power Cobbe 2nd Edition
By Several Contributors
Publisher: London: Williams and Norgate 1872
Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015