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Our Father who art in heaven, King and Creator of all good things, from You without fault comes forth the fruit of all the goodness.
Hallowed be Your name by as many Christians as have been born, that we may render to You honor and glory of all our work and speech.
Let Your kingdom come to us comfortingly, to hasten our salvation, for it is the desire of Your joys that nourishes our souls.
Do on earth as in heaven.
Your great puissance (strength, power) unequalled.
We beseech, lastly, that Your will be done.
Give to our bodies the material bread, to our souls the bread celestial, today, while we shall be here.
Forgive us our sins—You are the Father of mercies—as we ever forgive our neighbor and our debtors.
And leave us not to be tempted by our foes, nor vanquished by the flesh, by the world, or by the evil spirits, we beseech you, our true Lord!
But deliver us through your might from all our sorrow and suffering. From our Adversary’s bonds, make us free always.

Book: Middle-Breton Hours
By: Giles de Kaeranpuil, Parson in Cledguen
Revised and Edited by: Karrol 2015
Calcutta: 1876