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“We the People” pray:

FOR the rule of the people, we bless You, O God. We thank You for sovereignty of equals and for equal lot in justice, opportunity, and unselfish ministries; for sincere mind to think of a neighbors’ wound, to wish all good to fellow countrymen and to the common citizenry of earth in every land and race; for heritage of democracy, to show the will of God in humanity’s desire, which bids acclaim no mere man lord, bids hearken to the voice of God in reasoned mandate of the whole people; for measured equity which yields no place to iron autocrat and capricious potentate, nor flings us in the broils of petty kings.

Teach us to hate all hate, to live in peace, to work our work, and dwell content in un-destroying, indestructible industry.

Show forth in us the benign arts of brotherhood; break down all un-fraternal, artificial, arbitrary privilege; grant us the joy of struggle for others’ gain; and establish here Your universal and imperishable Kingdom, the commonwealth of loving hearts and skillful hands.

Here train the universal man; expand the nation till no zeal for narrow sovereignty can circumscribe its bounds.

God bless a chosen people, claimed from all the earth, and seal Your choice in benisons of good to all mankind; choose us to serve, and grant us skill to mediate and arbitrate and quell base passions in our own and others’ breasts.

O King of love and right and holy servanthood, make strong Your sway, and set it so firm it cannot fail—the true and full democracy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. — J. Ernest McAfee, Secretary, Board of Home Missions, Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A.

Book: Thy Kingdom Come
Compiled by: Ralph E. Diffendorfer
Published by: NEW YORK: Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada 1914
Edited by: Karrol