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I believe in You, O Lord, but make me believe more firmly. I hope in You, O Lord, but make me hope more fully. I love You, 0 Lord, but make me love more ardently. I grieve that I have offended You, 0 Lord, but make me grieve more sincerely.

I adore You, as my first beginning, I long after You, as my last end. I praise You, as my ceaseless Benefactor. I call upon You, as my Refuge and Defense. Direct me by Your wisdom; protect me by Your power; comfort me by Your mercy; and save me by Your love.

I offer to You, 0 God, my thoughts, that they may be towards You; my words that they may be of You; my deeds that they may be well pleasing to You; and my sufferings that they may be for the sake of You. Will what You will; I will because You will; I will as You will; and I will when You will.

I pray to You, 0 Lord, to enlighten my understanding, to direct my will, to purify my body, and to sanctify my soul. Let me never be puffed up by pride, nor corrupted by flattery, nor entrapped by the devil, nor deceived by the world. Give me grace to purify my memory, to bridle my tongue, to restrain my eyes, and to guard my heart. Make me bewail my past sins; resist future temptations; correct vicious desires; and cultivate all virtues.

Grant me, O Lord, the love of You, distrust of myself, zeal for my neighbor, and contempt of the world. Let my study be to obey my superiors; to help my inferiors; to respect my friends; and to hate nobody.

Make me remember, O Lord Jesus, Your command and example, by loving my enemies, by suffering injuries, by doing good to those that ill treat me, and by praying for those that despitefully use me.

Let me overcome sensuality by self-denial, covetousness by liberality, anger by gentleness, and luke warmness by prayer. Make me prudent in counsel, bold in danger, patient in adversity, and humble in prosperity.

Grant unto me, O Lord, earnestness in prayer, moderation in food, diligence in my duty, and firmness in my resolves. Grant that I may cultivate inward holiness, outward modesty, purity of conversation, and regularity of life.

Make me diligent in restraining my nature, in cherishing Your grace, in keeping Your commandments, and in attaining Your salvation.

Make me follow after holiness by sincere confession of my sins, by a worthy reception of the Body and Blood of Christ, by constant recollection of mind, and bay pure intention of heart.

Teach me, O God, the nothingness of this world, the greatness of Heaven, the shortness of time, and the length of eternity.

Grant me that I may prepare for death, fear the judgment, escape hell, and obtain Heaven. All this I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.—The Altar Manual