Lord, we beg most humbly that the service which we have this day offered unto You may find acceptance in Your eyes. Nourished by Your bounty, made joyful in Your gifts, we desire to spend our time to Your praise.

Do not lay our transgressions of this day to our charge, we entreat You. But grant that we being at peace with You and with all men, may lay our tired bodies to the night’s repose in childlike reliance upon Your protection. Shepherd of Israel, give Your angels charge over Your people, that as You have kept them in their ways by day, so they may be guarded through their rest by night.

Visit with Your divine charity the helpless, the sick, and the forlorn. May the slumber of infants be light and calm. Let not pain disturb the pillow of our little ones, nor any harm threaten our dwelling. Be near our distant dear ones and shield them from every alarm. Let happy thoughts of You engage the wakeful hours of the aged; but banish vexing regret from the memory of the mourner.

Finally, we commend one another to the tender keeping of the Heavenly Father, and to the comfortable fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and to the sympathy of the ever-blessed Son, our Brother and our Advocate: unto whom be glory on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891
Edited by: Karrol